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Auguste Rodin

No description

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Auguste Rodin

Auguste Rodin
His Educational Journey
Attended Ecole Imperiale Speciale de Dessin et Mathematiques (1854-1857)
*Also called Petite Ecole
Taught by Horace Lecoq de Boisbaudran (a painter himself)
Learned traditional techniques and practiced drawing from memory
Joined a sculpture class in 1855
Applied to Ecole des Beaux-Arts in 1875 but failed the entry exam 3 times in a row
The Family
Some Interesting Facts
The Main Facts
Auguste Rodin....
Born November 12, 1840
In Paris, France
poorest part of Paris
Died November 17, 1917
In Meudon, France
The Thinker
His Inspiration
His complex relationships
*specifically Camille Claudel
Many other artists
His trip to Italy where he viewed ancient art sculptures
Where "The Thinker" Can Be Found Today...
A cast version can be found in Cleveland Ohio at the Cleveland Museum of Art
March 24, 1970: The lower legs and base were destroyed because of dynamite that was planted on the base of the sculpture
Charles Hippolyte Aubry, Rodin in his sculptor's smock, circa 1862, [Ph.004]
www.artble.com/artists/auguste_rodin-Auguste Rodin|artble.com
His actual name is Francois Auguste Rene Rodin
Burried next to his wife in Meudon, France
Started serious drawing lessons at the age of 10
Him and his wife both died the same year they got married (1917)
There are 25 72" versions of "The Thinker"
Replicas can be found all around the world
The sculpture is supposed to represent Dante who was a poet
Rodin himself called the sculpture "The Poet"
Kelly, (2013) Clker.com
Created between 1881-1882
Auguste Rodin, The Thinker, bronze, medium model, 1881-1882
The Thinker, 1880-1881. Auguste Rodin
"The Thinker"... the Original
The original is still located in Paris, France
It sits in the Musee Rodin which is a museum named after Auguste Rodin
More Pictures
The Thinker at the Rodin Museum Credit: J. Smith for GPTMC
Mihowl (2010-2013) deviontart Rodins The Thinker
Father's name is Jean-Baptiste Rodin
He was a detective for the Paris police department
Mother's name is Marie Cheffer
She was a former seamstress
Sister's name is Maria Rodin
Died in 1862
Wife's name is Rose Beuret
She was a seamstress
Married in 1917
Son's name is Auguste-Eugene Beuret
Born in 1866
Had 3 mistresses
Camille Claudel
Gwendolen Mary John
Claire de Choiseul
Portrait of Mme J.B Rodin, undated,
Charles Hippolyte Aubry, (1862) Portrait of Rodin wearing a top hat, circa
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