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Effects of Global Warming

This presentation will show the effects of global warming in five specific places around the world.

Ben Brierley

on 9 May 2011

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Transcript of Effects of Global Warming

Effects of Global Warming Bangladesh People that live in Bangladesh are prone to frequent flooding
and changing climate. Floods wipe out crops, spread diseases and destroy homes. The british government are sending out over £75 million to help the people of Bangladesh cope with the impact of Global warming. Great Barrier Reef The Great Barrier Reef faces catastophic damage from
climate change and chemical runoff. Climatologists believe that Australia is experiencing "accelerated climate change", which puts the vast Great Barrier Reef at severe risk. Rising ocean temperatures cause bleaching of the coral, when the plants expel the tiny animals living inside them and turning into colourless calcium skeletons. Caribbean A raise in temperature in the local seas of the Caribbean seem to be the cause of the bolstering hurricanes, which rip through the caribbean regions with increasing frequency and savagery! Siberia In one of the world's last wildernesses, global warming is causing profound changes to the lives of its people. Winters that used to reach -50 degrees are now a comparatively mild -30, which is causing the permafrost to melt. Arctic houses are subsiding, and the nomadic people of the tundra find that their annual migrations are disrupted by unseasonably warm temperatures or unexpected snow falls. You can see less and less snow and
frost each year. Tuvalu The low-lying Pacific islands of Tuvalu face the very real threat that they could be wiped out by climate change. The highest point of the islands reaches only four and a half metres above sea level, and the coral upon which the islands are built is seeping sea water, making much of the land too salty to farm. Thank you for watching!
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