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New Student Experience Semester Project

Who are you? Where are you going?

Elena Rosenbaum

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of New Student Experience Semester Project

Branching Out Elena Rosenbaum Elena Marie Rosenbaum Who am I? My family (nuclear family and my
extended family)

Friends (old friends and new friends)


Peer tutors and assistants What help can I expect? Five generations ago my family
lived in what was known as
Prussia, part of modern-day
Today, most of my family lives
in north western Indiana in a
little town called Kouts. Where do I come from? 4 years for bachelors degree (biology
and chemistry major)

Medical school (or graduate school)

Traveling the world Where do I want to go? What obstacles must I overcome to get there? Difficult studies with lots of work

Balancing study time among all
the different subjects


Homesickness How do I plan to overcome these obstacles? Continue to study diligently

Make good use out of tutors,
professors, and online resources

Learn to manage time wisely and
develop functional study skills

Continue to keep in touch with my
family "What's in a name? That which
we call a rose, which by any
other name would smell as
sweet." ~William Shakespeare How have I changed during the
course of the semester? More independent and

Learned to relax and not stress
over the exams too much

Gained confidence with being
with new people How have I grown as a person? More patient and accepting of

More open-minded

Appreciative for what I have and
who is all in my life
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