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The Rainforests

No description

Kayleigh Gravel

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of The Rainforests

The Rainforests
Under Threat! Their trees are valuable as wood and the land where the forests
stand can be used for other things such as farms.Because most of the rainforests exist in poor countries,
the governments are often forced to exploit them to make money. Once rainforests are gone, the land becomes less fertile, and the soil washes away. The trees can no longer provide their valuable services, such as absorbing Carbon Dioxide, which is a gas that contributes to Climate Change. The biggest threat to the rainforest is man. The ever-expanding human population is exerting tremendous pressure on the resources and the space of the rainforest. This is a hillside which has been cleared of its trees through the traditional "slash-and-burn" technique. You can already see erosion washing gullies on either side of this hill. Not much rainforest life is left after the forest is cleared! The huge island of Mindenao in the Phillipines used to be covered
with rainforest. Finding a stand of trees is almost impossible now. This is what can happen to the Rainforest. To Finish Off,
Here are 2 Video's of the
Same song but to different videos
with the same story. 1. 2. Thanks for watching!
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