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wolfgang weingart

A presentation on wolfgang weingart

Gideon King

on 23 June 2010

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Transcript of wolfgang weingart

Wolfgang Weingart Weingart Bio
was born and raised in germany
he had no academic training
did work as a hot metal typesetter
The postmodern style started to gain steam
in basel, switzerland "In printing...hot metal typesetting refers to 19th-century technologies for typesetting text in letterpress printing. This method injects molten type metal into a mold that has the shape of one or more glyphs. The cast metal elements are later used to press ink onto paper." -Wikipedia

What is a hot metal typestter? through his job type setting
startedworking in
graphic design
namely production in 1968 Weingart moved to Basel Basel was already known
for it's open minded mentality. there rule
breaking was not astigma. basel was a fertile ground for Weingart Wolfgang got a teaching
job at Kunstgewerbeschule What is Kunstgewerbeschule? It literally means College of arts and crafts~babelfish Weingart thought that typographyshould be viewed from all sides, there were no
definates. Type could be laid out to appear chaotic.
Even though Weingart was rejecting international style, he believed the piece needed strong structure and have a solid composition A gideon King Project This piece is titled
Schreibkunst This piece has a "kinetic" energy according to the book This poster is similar to the other
with the overlapping forms. While weingart does have an element of chaos he restrains it. some other examples
of Wolfgang's work the end all info comes from the book unless otherwise stated in presentation.
images courtesy of Bing. by the way this piece is called
Das schweizer plakat (the swiss poster)
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