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MS Project

No description

Qwyla Mae

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of MS Project

How is Predecessor Applied?
How is Successor Applied?
Introduction to MS Project 2010 Basics
What is MS Project Used For?
What is Duration?
Amount of time that is required to complete a task
How is Duration Applied?
Accurate Estimation of Time and Resources Required for Project Completion
Interactive Schedule Planning
Duration Variance
Future Planning and Project Templates
How Can a Gantt Chart be Used?
Visualize Schedule Graphically
Effective and Detailed Planning
Conflict Control
Future Projects
Lowery G. Managing projects with microsoft project:
Version 3.0 for windows and macintosh. New York, N.Y: Van Nostrand Reinhold; 1992.
Marmel EJ. Project 2010 bible. Hoboken, N.J: Wiley;
Microsoft Office Support. Microsoft Project 2010.
Microsoft Corporation. 2013: office.microsoft.com.
Wilson JM. Gantt charts: A centenary appreciation.
European Journal of Operational Research. 2003;149(2):430-7.

Systematic Approach
Easy to Use, Versatile, Accurate, Effective & Professional Tool for Managing Projects
5 Stage Project Life Cycle
Set a Goal & Define SOW

What is Work?
Work Differs From Task Duration
Measurement of how many hours of effort are required to complete a task
Tasks, Resources, Assignments
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Actual, Percent, Cumulative, Workload
How Can Work Be Applied?
Planning of Resources, Tasks, and Assignments
Budgeting and Asset Management
What is Predecessor?
Preceding Tasks
Example: One must write a report before it can be edited
Posterior Tasks
Example: One must finish scheduling production crews after the company begins to receive materials
What is Successor?
Temporal Relationships
Complex scheduling and Detailed Organization
PERT Task Chart
Start to Finish
Start to Start
Finish to Finish
Finish To Start

Planning, Reviewing, Modification

Planning, Reviewing, Modification

What is a Gantt Chart?
Standard PM Tracking Tool
Combination of Task List and Bar Chart
Three Types: Delay, Detail, & Tracking
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