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Hit Squad By James Heneghan

May Boook Report

tony poo

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of Hit Squad By James Heneghan

Hit Squad James Heneghan Information about James Heneghan James Heneghan was born in 1930 and is a British Canadian author and writes children literature books. James Heneghan grew up in Liverpool, England and currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. James Heneghan is the author of many books like Hit Squad, Wish me Luck, Waiting for Sarah, and etc. James Heneghan's book "Wish Me Luck" was nominated for the 1997 Governal General's Award and "Waiting for Sarah" was the winner of the Manitoba Young Reader's Choice Award Settings of the book Grandview High School is the school
where generally all the rich kids go to Grandview is the good part of town Creekside is the bad part of town Creekside Junior High is the school where generally all the bad kids go to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Major Characters of the Book Michael Cord also known as "Micky" Birgit Neilsen By: Peter Miller Winston Smith also known as "Whisper" Joey Washington Main Problem The problem of the story is when a hit goes terribly wrong and someone ends up dead. The Hit Squad decided their next "hit" to Goide and Gino, Joey's bullys, to get vengeance for Joey. Since Goide and Gino were big guys Micky asked Heck, Micky's friend, to help out and Heck willingly agreed. After school The Hit Squad followed Goide and Gino to a very old basement. Everyone ran but they came across a dead end. Then they saw Godie and Gino ran across a beam structure and instantly Heck followed them. Micky was about to go too but Winston Smith stopped them. All of a sudden the beam structure collasped making a thuderous noise. They all then discovered the beam fell on Heck killing him on the scene. Now the group must face the consquences. 3 strengths of the book 1 weakness of the book -The book was short and sweet and this is very good for me because I dont really enjoy reading books The book had a lot of details describing the characters to better understand each personailtys of the character in the book The book had a great pace and the storyline fell down very smoothly The book had a very common theme and moral of the story. Which is bullying and revenge, and more violence doesn't solve anything. The problem is the theme has been heard and seen about a million times before. Solution The "Hit Squad" decided to disbanded because after the incident and realizing the line between victim and victimizer.
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