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No description

jumassa belton

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Fish:

The Fish Philosophy can be condensed into 4 driving components:

-Choosing your Attitude


-Being There

-Making Their Day
Presented By

Jessica Gebhardt
Christina Clark
Anita Bonillas
Libby Kennedy
Jermazing McDaniel

A remarkable way to boost
morale and improve results

Choose Your

-Making a conscious decision to
react a positive way to situations,
even ones that are out of your control
or not what you expected.
• Makes everyone around you happier
• Puts you in a better mood
• Creates opportunity for advancement
• Creates healthy relationships
• Benefits your health by releasing
negative emotions

Free-spirited and spontaneous
play is not just a pastime
activity; it has the potential
to serve as an important tool
in numerous aspects of daily
life for adults.
• Having fun unleashes creative ideas
• Makes time move faster
• Healthy
• Being around happy people is
• Makes work feel more rewarding
and less of a chore

Be There
Setting aside distractions and judgments to be fully
present improves communication , shows respect, and strengthens relationships.

-Shows that you are engaged in the conversation

-Improves efficiency and work productivity

-Allows you to respond in an appropriate manner
- Is a sign of respect and consideration
-Creates cohesive communication
Make Their
To find ways to show another person that they are valued and appreciated
- Creates good customer service
- Makes a positive influence on others
- Shows appreciation for the work of others
- Creates a positive atmosphere
- Unleashes energy and creative
Our Workplace

Fish! Film
Fish! Sticks
FIsh! Facilitation
You Tube: Fish!
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