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WHAP Survival Guide

No description

Jessica Joan

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of WHAP Survival Guide

What is WHAP?
The Basics
the chapters
Do the
reading guides
Get make-up work when you miss
Take notes YOU understand
Ask for help
Don't just "do it for the multiplier"
Study Groups
Start one
- you don't have time to waste.
Get a group of people you can
should still do the reading (don't divide it up).
Use discussions to put information into
understandable terms.
Do Don't
Borrow or buy an AP review book. They really do help.
Crash Course World History on YouTube - good
for all units.
Take the practice AP Test at school (it's free!)
Reading the Textbook
Start when it's assigned! Don't wait until the night before it's due.
Take notes as you go.
Only write down the important stuff!
Set all distractions aside.
Pay attention to important people, dates, and places.
Handwritten Notes...
Help comprehension and memory.
Don't accidentally get deleted -
they CAN get lost.
Help improve your handwriting
They don't run out of battery :D
WHAP Survival Guide
World History AP
Look at world behaviors from Paleolithic era to present.
College level course
- expect to do college level work.
Time consuming
Lots of work
Worth it
Be Lazy
Expect results from being lazy
Be scared to ask questions
Psych yourself out
Cram last minute
Enjoy the class
Take it seriously
Find fun ways to review
Make friends
The assignments
Take every opportunity to learn
AP Exam
Take it.
Take it.
Take it.
Take it.
Take it.
Take it.
Understand time periodization.
Time Management
Know the essay rubrics
Use the WHAP class website resources
O rganizer (binder)
R ecord (planner, journal, calendar)
G arbage (don't hoard)
A pps (like Notability and Box)
N ice and neat (clean it out)
I mportant stuff (reemphasizing N)
Z zz (don't lose sleep)
E ra (periodization)
D ividers
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