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Science Fiction Elements

No description

Peta Butcher

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Science Fiction Elements

Science Fiction Elements In
'Uglies' by Scott Westerfeld

Main Characters
Physical: New Pretty Town
"The party towers were already lit, and snakes of burning torches marked flickering pathways through the pleasure gardens".
What is Science Fiction?
Science fiction is a genre usualy based in the future or sometimes in the past. They usually use lots of advanced types of technologies. Aliens are generally involved or another species, they sometimes try to take over the place the Protagonists planet/world
Plot Summary
Tally is about to turn 16, and under go an operation, that will turn her from an ugly into a beautiful 'Pretty', and be reunited with her best friend Peris, as he has already been turned pretty.

But before she turns 16, she makes a new friend, Shay. But Shay doesn't want to become a pretty, she wants to stay as an ugly and live in the smoke.

Shay leaves before she turns 16, to live in the smoke, and tally is told not tell anyone where she is going because she doesn't want to go woth her as she wants to be pretty. But Tally is forced to betray Shay, in order for her to become a pretty.

Tally gets to the smoke, with a pendant to send a message as to where the smoke is, back to Dr Cable, while at the smoke, Tally begins to rethink telling Dr Cable where the smoke is.
Minor Characters
Description: Mean, Strict
Quote: "Her darting, metal-grey eyes hardly seemed as if they would ever cloe long enough to sleep"

Description: Pretty, was best friends with Tally
Quote: "But nothing had been beautiful since Peris turned pretty"
-Plot (events,orientation, climax)
-Setting (atmosphere, environment,physical)
-Characters (speech,actions, appearence,type)
Elements in Science Fiction
By Peta Butcher
~What is Science Fiction
~Plot Summary
Don't judge a book by it's cover-
Everyon who is a pretty, thinks that the uglies, aren't as good as them, and wont be until they turn pretty.

Environment: The early summer sky
"The colour of cat vomit......... Bottomles and cold"
"A noise thundered to lfe on Tally's left.........The smoke suddenly cleared.........
Atmosphere: Tense
"Tally had to get to the river. the water was the only place safe from the rampaging fire"
Quote: "Either Tally infiltrated The Smoke and betray Shay, or she'd be an ugly for life"
Nobodys Perfect-
The pretties think that they are perfect now because they have been turned pretty, but they think that partyting is something you do 24/7. Where as the uglies, have fun, but do it in different ways, every time.
Quote:"Turn her from a repellent ugly to a stunning pretty"
Quote: "In a world of extreme beauty anyone normal is ugly"
This is important becuase, it tells us what Tally has to choose from, even though she wants to be pretty, but at the same time she doesn't want to betray her new friend.
How does this book fit into the science-fiction genre?
The book 'Uglies' by Scott Westerfeld fits into the science fiction genre through the use of advanced technology and the possibility to turn people pretty. The rooms and elevators in this book, respond to the charcters commands, but only if they have an interface ring. other wise it wont resond to the command, the characters in this book, are also able to ride on hoverboards to get to their destinations. Another reason it fits into this genre is that you can undergo an operation to be turned pretty, because aparently being pretty is everything.
Description: Ugly, Shy, Lonley
Quote: "Worse she was ugly"

Description: Ugly, out going
Quote: "She was ugly too"
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