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End of Semester Project

No description

Darrin Desylva

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of End of Semester Project

End of Semester Project

Definition: Literary element used to paint a image of the book and whats happening in the story.
Definition: This is the main problem in the book. It's either man vs. man, man vs. nature, man vs. self and man vs. world. Man vs. Self would be internal conflict and everytin else would be external conflict.
Suspense is a intense feeling that goes through the audience waiting for the outcome of the event. It likes you want more information on whats going to happen in the story or event.

Example: "Oh, heaven, please-and me as well. For in my selfishness, I continued to pray that the woman and child hadn't been Mama and Kate (Hale 91).
Point of View
Resource: Dark Water Rising
By: Darrin Desylva & Sanjeev Penupala
Example: "I blew out the putrid stench that pervaded breath, cupped the shriveled brown petals in my hands, and brought them to my nose. A faint scent still clung to them, and I breathed in the fragile sweetness. It smelled like life."(Hale 137)
Example: The whole book is about a man which name is "Seth" has a conflict with the hurricane that has entered Galveston and has to deal with the many losses for all of the families.
Tone is the attitude towards the readers. Tone can be described several ways like outraged, depressed, joyful, serious, irony, etc. Mood is the feeling the author wants you to feel. Mood is usually conveyed through the scene and setting of a story.

Example for tone: "My heart pounded as hard as the rain while, blocks away, the Pagoda's twin buildings broke apart"(Hale 74).

Example for mood: "He caught a piece in his forehead, and blood streamed down his face and into his eyes"(Hale 85).
Point of view is the way a author tells a piece of literature. There are three types of point of view, first person point-of-view, second person point-of-view, and third person point-of-view. Our book is first person point-of-view. The reason it is not second or third person point of view is because the character "seth", is telling the whole story of him in Galveston in his perspective. With words like I, our, we, and my, we can automatically tell that that the story is going to be first person.

Example: " I shifted under the sleeping weight of four-year-old Kate, limp and sweaty in my lap, and dark curls fell across her face. Seems I couldn't breathe twice any more without Mama saying " Seth would you button Kates shoes for me?" (Hale 1).
Drama Elements
Theme of "Dark Water Rising"
Overcoming difficulties is one of the many duties in life.
Thesis Statement
Logical, Ethical, and Emotional
Narrative vs. Lyrical Poetry
The theme is the universal truth about a piece of literature.
Symbolism is the use of symbols showing the ideas or qualities by giving them symbolic meanings rather than there orginial meaning.

Ex: The dark flood water that was rising around galveston symbolized despair toward the survivors of the hurricane. That's why the title is called "Dark Water Rising."
The thesis statment appers somewhere at the beginning of a essay. It basically issued what the paper is saying about in one sentence. but sometimes more than a sentence.

Ex: Back in the days, at Galveston, life offered many hardships and trouble having fortitude, but it where a social life started for a family.
Logical is that it appeals to the mind and has to make sense. Ethical is that it appeals to what is right or wrong and morals. Emotional is it has to appeal to your emotions. The appeal has to seems that it is the right thing like bullying.

Ex: Logical- It is proven that an elevated house or city with a flood wall is more likely to face less flood waters in the city.

Ethical- After the storm, many people were stuck under the parts of the houses that were torned down. So, Seth and his friends got saws to cut through the wood to save the people.

Emotional- How would it feel if u leaved this planet without no one there for you? More than 100 people died with no one reconizing them like your
worthless. How sad!
The attributes of a piece of drama and literature.
Playwrite- Author of play
Script-Written form of play
Acts- Units/chapters in play
Characterization- How the play creates characterizations
Stage directions- written instructions for the actor.
Set- describes scenary and time (onstage)
In the novel "Dark Water Rising," it is not a piece of drama because the person who writes the book is called an author, the written form of it is a book, the book is broken up into chapters, it does not have stage directions, and the novel does not have a set but has a setting.
In a narrative poem the poem tells a story, can rhyme, and has all the elements of a story including plot, conflict, setting.
Epics- These narrative poems can be very long. They're exciting and inspiring. They usually tell of hero and a reward.
Ballad- Tells a story, it's song like, and has a verse and chorus.

In a lyrical poem usually it expresses personal feelings and usually is short. The poem also can be first person.
Ellegie- the # of lines varies, may not rhyme, reflects on death and sadness
Sonnet- has to have 14 lines, prases something.
Odes- # of lines varies, may not rhyme, honors some one.
Celebrates- Celebates someones life
The reason why our novel is not a lyrical poem is because of the reason that it does not meet the criteria standards for all the different poems. Our poem is not a narrative is because it does not have a hero that recieves a reward. It is not a ballad because our novel is not song like.
Credit to picture:

Dark Water Rising. Digital image. MacMillan Publishers. MacMillan, n.d. Web. 15 Dec.
2013. <http://resources.macmillanusa.com/jackets/186W/9780312629083.jpg>.
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