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Immigration Policy

No description

Michaela Osenga

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Immigration Policy

Immigration Policy
Mexico Immigration Policy
Mexico of 2003, decided that they didn't want anyone that wasn't native born to work as firefighters, policemen, and judges. However, they could work for the government if they have one native born parent.
Illegal immigrants, if caught, could spend anywhere to 5 years in jail. Mexico is very tight on native born and giving most of them jobs. Most people are saying that Mexico should lighten up and allow more people to work and to come into their country.
Canada Immigration Policy
Canada's immigration policy is said to be one of the most generous country dealing with immigrants. They allow more than 200,000 immigrants to become residents over the past decade.
They have an "open arms" sort of attitude. Immigration for Canada has been helping shape Canada socially and with it's culture. Canada's policy was their desire to expand.
Canada Immigration Policy
Pros and Cons
Because, Canada is so lenient on their policy it could allow anyone to basically walk in to their country. It's perfect that no job is being taken away from new citizen's, however; they need to be strict on their departures and warrants.
Canada's policy is good in most parts, but they should be strict on who they let in and watch who enters illegally.
Pieces of the Puzzle
Canada, has a pretty solid foundation. I agree with them that anyone could have a job, not just native born. It give more people a job opportunity.
America and Mexico should take from Canada's policy that anyone could have a job, and that illegal immigrants could still have a place to live and work in some parts.
Accessed on- 3/4/14
Council Foreign Relations
Canada Immigration Response
Canada allows every year 200,000 immigrants to enter for the past decade.
Canada has a huge range of illegal immigrants, anywhere between 35,000 to 120,000 illegal immigrants. They tend to have a lot of immigrants because they are more lenient on their deportation records along with their screening process.
This test was around 2008.
Canada Immigration Policy
Pros and Cons
Canada isn't super strict on who they let in to their country, mainly they don't want any criminals. When the government comes across an illegal immigrant, they'll arrange for them to be deported. If ignore from the immigrant, it could lead to two possibilities; warrant sent for his or her arrest or it could be ignored and the immigrant could get a job and a good living situation.
Mexican Immigration Policy
Pros and Cons
Pieces of the Puzzle
The Mexican immigrant policy could be something that we could use on the matters of just dealing with illegal immigrants. Canada and America should consider becoming stricter on who they let into their country as well as observing the people that enter.
Anyone that tries to enter illegally into either Canada or America should be punished with a felony payment, as well as a few years in prison if the rate increases.
Response to Immigrants
Michaela Osenga

Immigration in and out of Mexico in 2006 to 2009
In Mexico, nearly 0.5 percent of their population is illegal immigrants, they grant around three thousand immigrants citizenship a year. Three thousand isn't nearly as much as America takes in which is nearly half a million people a year.
Punishment for illegal immigrants could possibly end up to be around five years in prison, the Mexican president can arrest anyone that is suspected to be an illegal immigrant.
When illegal immigrants get caught at the border, they will face monetary fines and imprisonment. It is a felony to be an illegal alien.
Illegal Immigrants
Having certain jobs only available for fully native people will increase the amount of jobs available for non working mexicans. Mexico won't allow people to transfer over with no documents, but proceeding to enter Mexico without the documents could end up to years in prison.
Restrictions are good, they will teach people the hazards of just doing something without much thought. The Mexican policy is a good way to keep citizens and future immigrants to stay in their household until they're eligible to cross over the border.
The policy prevents non native born people from getting certain jobs, thousands of immigrants are having a hard time finding a job because they were not native born. Unemployment rates is something that is trying to be decreased. More job opportunities should be available for non native born citizens.
Mexican Policy
Pros and Cons
There's three main groups for the immigration policy:
ECONOMIC- When they let more immigrants in they allowed the ones with good skills, knowledge, and job experience to be able to have an opportunity to have a job.
FAMILY REUNION- Most people that immigrate to Canada are there to live with family. Canada also allows same sex marriage.
REFUGEE- Canada allows a lot of people to live there to get new lives so to say.
Canada Immigration Policy
When illegal immigrants are found they are most of the time deported to where they are from. There isn't much than trying to remove them from Canada. Illegal immigrants in Canada still have an opportunity to have a job and living arrangement.
Penalties for Illegal Immigrants
Accessed on- 3/4/14
Accessed on- 3/4/14
NBC News
Accessed on-3/4/14
Migration Policy Institute
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