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Class of 2015 - All Senior Meeting

No description

Vanessa Crawford

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Class of 2015 - All Senior Meeting

Welcome to Senior Year!
4 Year College
Community College Transfer to 4 Year College
Vocational Training (Cosmetology, Culinary, Medical Tech, Computer Tech, etc.)

Options after High School
Family Connection
Class of 2015
State ID
PSAT, SAT, ACT, & AP Scores
GPA (weighted 9-12)
Activities, awards, volunteer, work, etc.
For ideas on careers and majors, take the "Personality Type" and "Career Interest Profiler" surveys
Create Common Application First
Add all colleges you are APPLYING to
After requesting letters of rec from teachers (IN PERSON), add their names here.
Still looking for colleges? Use the College Search tool!
Check for scholarships here, scholarships are added regularly.
College Visits: View Schedule and Sign up Online
UC & CSU Campuses do NOT require or accept letters of recommendation

Private & some out of state schools ask for a
School Report
, which includes a letter of rec (from counselor or alternate recommender)
College Applications
Have the following on hand when completing your applications:
- Use same legal name on all apps
- "Appropriate" email address
- Copy of transcript(s) (high school & college)
- Parent and sibling college info
- Resume (activities, extracurricular, clubs, volunteer, athletics)
- Community service log
- Test scores (SAT, ACT, Subject Tests, AP)
- State ID Number (found on transcript)
Community College
Not all CC’s offer the same programs or opportunities
Some CC’s offer more transferable courses in a major(s)
TAG program – Apply second semester of sophomore year in college to a specific 4-yr University-
University Link – Transfers to UCSD
IGETC – General Education curriculum for students unsure where they are going to apply
A-G Requirements
A - History (2 years)
B - English (4 years)
C - Math (3 years) - Algebra 1-2, Geometry, Algebra 3-4
D - Lab Science (2 years) - 1 Biological & 1 Physical
E - Language Other Than English (2 years, same language)
F - Fine Art (1 year)
G - Elective (1 year)
California State Universities (CSU)
SAT Reasoning or ACT, last test date of November/December
Minimum 2.0 GPA
No essay
Application period Oct 1 – Nov 30
Application fee is $55 per campus
San Marcos – Local Service School
No Letters of Recommendation

University of California (UC)
ACT with Writing or the SAT Reasoning Test
SAT Subject Tests are OPTIONAL. Mathematics (Level 2 only), Sciences are encouraged by some majors
All testing complete by November/December of your senior year
Minimum 3.0 GPA and complete A-G requirements
Personal Essay
Application period Nov 1 – Nov 30
Application fee is $70 per campus
No Letters of Recommendation

Private & Out-of-State
Check individual college websites
Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) http://wiche.edu/wue

Applications due in Spring
Placement tests for Math & English
Apply to multiple campuses to increase course availability (Palomar, Miramar, Mira Costa, Mesa, Grossmont, Santa Barbara City College, etc.)
Registration & Open House in Spring
Community College Night in February
Transfer students must meet with a counselor at the Community College at least twice a year
All grades must be "C" or better to meet requirements
Only courses listed on transcript, with a "P" next to it are counted as A-G courses
Early Decision
Binding, you agree to attend if they accept you
Apply to only one college in Early Decision, apply to others through regular admissions
Once you commit, you must withdraw all other apps
Early Action
Non-binding, once accepted you can choose to commit or wait until you hear from all colleges
Most allow you to apply to other colleges in Early Action
**Check Colleges for Specific Details**
All 4-year colleges require the SAT Reasoning or the ACT
Complete tests by November/December.

SAT Subject Tests
Check on the requirements of all colleges and majors you are applying to. Some may require specific tests.

Send Score Reports directly from College Board by application deadline
Send one report to each private college, UC just send to one campus and CSU send to CSUMentor Code: 3594
SAT Score Choice
Students may select which scores are sent to colleges by test date for SAT and individual subject tests
Need to actively select score choice, default is to send all scores
Check with colleges/universities for individual admission policies and preferences
Selecting the Right College for You!

School selection should be based on a variety of different factors:
Location - distance from family/friends, weather, etc.
Size - large vs. small campus, class sizes, events
Cost - annual tuition, scholarships, travel expenses
Majors - classes in major, programs offered, internship opportunities, job placement
FIT - do you feel at home?
June 11, 2015
-TBA, Early 2015

Financial Aid Night, Hosted at Mount Carmel High School

Community College Night, Hosted at Del Norte High School
-Wednesday, 8:00 a.m. November 5th, 12th, & 19th, - Computer Lab A104

“Drop in” time for students to receive help with their online applications
WV Counseling
Q & A Sessions

During LUNCH from September 24th –October 29th

California State University (CSU) Application & Campus Highlights – Room B117

Common Application & Letter of Recommendation Process & Essay – Room D117

UC Application & Personal statement – Room D116
Web Tutorials for various topics on completing your application!

What's Next?
Maintain Grades
Research Colleges & Majors/Programs
Access Family Connection
Be Aware of Deadlines (don't wait until the last minute)
Write "Thank You" cards
Apply for Money (scholarships & FAFSA)
Stay Connected
Read the Counseling Newsletter and Emails from School
Follow WV Counseling on Facebook and Twitter,

sign up for text reminders by texting
@wvhs-15 to 858-215-6489
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