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Emerging Technology: Oculus Rift

No description

Ryan Baszkowski

on 12 August 2014

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Transcript of Emerging Technology: Oculus Rift

Advantages and Disadvantages
How it Works
Goggles with 1080p Screen Split into two view ports (one for each eye) for stereoscopic 3D effect.
Mixture of cameras and accelerometers in order for tracking the motion of the user.
To "Bring user into an experience," as opposed to watching from the outside
What is an Emerging Tech?
New technology that is currently in development, or is soon to be in development.
"Cutting edge," but also "bleeding edge," as drawbacks are common.
Why? The Initial Need
Lack of true immersion in entertainment and communications.
Barrier between content and the consumer's mind.
Solving the Problem
Succeeds in creating true immersion within video games, but also comes with plethora of other uses such as video conferencing.
Succeeds in bringing people into virtual worlds unlike previous technology
Relatively inexpensive
Sony's Project Morpheus
Google Cardboard
Designed in order to use an existing smartphone for VR effects
Very inexpensive
Somewhat Primitive
Emerging Technology: Oculus Rift
Some people will experience motion sickness and headaches
Needs better way of mapping movements of the user
Success depends on software developers.
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