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Copy of Free fall template

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Hoàng Nhân Lê

on 26 May 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Free fall template

From: Tổ 2!!!
Welcome to our presentation
Types of films

Le Hoang Nhan
Nguyen Hoang Anh Phi
Do Minh Duc
Bui Anh Tuan
Nguyen Vu Anh Tuan
Vu Thi Thuy Quynh

Horror Movie
Elicit a negative emotional reaction from viewers by playing on the audience's primal fears
The macabre, the supernatural, the fantasy, supernatural fiction and thriller genres.
Deal with viewers' nightmares, fears, revulsions and terror of the unknown.
Ghosts, extraterrestrials, vampires, werewolves, demons, gore, torture, vicious animals,...
Directed by James Wan.

Patrick Wilson as Ed Warren
Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren
Ron Livingston as Roger Perron
Shanley Caswell as Andrea Perron
Hayley McFarland as Nancy Perron
Comedy Movie
A genre of film in which the main emphasis is on humour.
These films are designed to make the audience laugh through amusement and most often work by exaggerating characteristics for humorous effect.
One of the oldest genres in film.
Written and produced by John Hughes
Directed by Chris Columbus
Main actors
Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister
Daniel Stern as Marv Merchants
Joe Pesci as Harry Lime
Action movie
A film genre in which one or more protagonists are thrust into a series of challenges that involve violence, close combat, physical feats and frantic chases.
Tend to feature a resourceful hero struggling against incredible odds, which include life-threatening situations, a villain, or a pursuit which generally concludes in victory for the hero.
Created by Paul Scheuring
Main cast
Dominic Purcell as Lincoln Burrows
Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield
Peter Stormare as John Abruzzi
Amaury Nolasco as Fernando Sucre
Wade Williams as Brad Bellick
Sarah Wayne Callies as Sara Tancredi
Robert Knepper as Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell
Rockmond Dunbar as Benjamin Miles "C-Note" Franklin
And other cast...
Animated Movie
A film for the cinema, television or computer screen, which is made using sequential drawings, as opposed to animations in general, which include films made using clay, puppet and other means.
Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force, Go!
Director : Ciro Nieli - One of the directors of Teen Titans
Romance Movie
Primarily focused on the relationship between the main characters of the story.
Beyond the focus on the relationship, the biggest defining characteristic of the romance genre is that a happy ending is always guaranteed.
Often based on a novel or inspired by a true story.
Directed by Michael Sucsy
Science Fiction Movie
A type of film that usually have the existence of technology, modern techniques have not, or not true in practice.
The duration of the film is usually placed in the future.
Directed by Alex Proyas.
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