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Social Media Training for Neighborhood Leaders

An introduction to social media for community managers who are unfamiliar with managing content on the big three social networks.

Angelina Manone

on 17 August 2015

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Transcript of Social Media Training for Neighborhood Leaders

Social media and your neighborhood
- Social media allows us to reach community members on a daily basis
- Social media allows for quick communication on important issues
- Control of content is in your hands
- It's a free communication tool

Facebook not only is the most popular social network right now, it is also one of the most popular websites
Simple and condensed
Micro-blogging in 140 characters
Photos, additional information, videos shared through links
Composing a Tweet
Tweets must remain under 140 characters. This can be a challenge, but there are lots of ways to make it work.
What makes Facebook an effective SM tool?
And don't forget to follow us!
Who maintains and oversees all our social media accounts?
someone who has smartphone and is not afraid to use it
Someone who can write
Someone creative
Someone who knows how to use a dashboard
How can social media help your neighborhood organization?
Facebook is a part of many people’s daily routine
When users see something they like, they share it with their network, expanding your reach
Users are willing to learn from and interact with your brand
Dos and Don'ts
Utilize all of the sharing features, such as photos, videos and links. An engaging update includes more than just text.
maintain a personable, consistent voice for your page. It should be always be friendly and accommodating and professional.
put yourself in the users’ shoes. Would that update interest you or catch your attention?
remember that Facebook events can be a great tool to market upcoming events and get them on users’ calendars.
be overly technical.
fall into the social media trap of being overly casual. You’re giving a persona to your page that reflects your organization,
forget to encourage conversation. We want to connect with fans and talk with them, not just at them.
forget to have fun!
“The Neighborhood Services Department has launched Neighborhood College, a new series of instructor-led, highly participatory workshops and hands-on learning experiences presented by multiple city departments.”

208 Characters. This post will not work!
Instead try:

124 Characters is a go!
Facebook - basics, what to post, events, photos, videos
Twitter - basics, what to post, links, photos, timely news, events
Instagram - story in pictures, basics, value
Marketing tips - connecting all your accounts, upgrades, analytics
Maintenance and administration
Next Steps...
Give a face to the organization
Promotion marketing
Attention from media
Volunteer opportunities
Facebook tips and etiquette

something at least once a day
Photos seem to garner a broader reach
LIKE other organization's pages
Conversational, tell a story
Same voice, same message
Analyze results
Acknowledge comments, engage
Take negativity away from the public arena
Twitter terms
Proudly tweeting since 2008
Twitter Tips
Brevity is key
Follow others
Vary your tweets
Share information
Re-tweet what is relevant to you
Don't confront negative tweets in public
A fast, fun and beautiful way to share pictures
Tell a story through pictures
Captions are important, so are hashtags
Simultaneously post your photos on Twitter
Opportunities for followers' participation
Social media marketing
All your accounts are connected
Branding is consistent
Names and URLs are consistent, catchy, distinguishable
Mobile app and be mobile; set up notifications on your smartphone
Schedule posts but have your notifications on
Repetition is okay
Remember to take pictures or videos
Share the human side
Converse - engage, engage, engage!
Next steps
Who will be your SM manager
What policies should you have in place
What is your message
What is your goal
The city's Neighborhood College gives residents the opportunity to learn about the city. Check out the classes: ow.ly/kC3rj
Social Media
The Basics
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