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Networking for learning

No description

Helen Dixon

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Networking for learning

Your PLN is an important part of your professional development
A group of people you connect with that is
to you

in order to aid your
by sharing ideas, resources and expertise,

thereby, creating a
of individuals who share the same interests and aims
What is a personal learning network?
Do I need a personal learning network?
Every time you connect with someone in a way that contributes to your professional development, you are adding to your PLN
Building your PLN can help you to continue your
professional development
There is no 'one right way' to use social media for personal learning. Just find the way that is right for you!
do you want to learn?
Things to consider
Social media is not the future -
it is here and now!
We also know how to do that in great new ways so that people can interact with it, and learn from it."
So how can social media help?
Developing your personal learning network using social media
Dr Helen Dixon, Information Services
Take some time to find the right social media tool for you!
If you haven't already got a professional online profile, consider setting up a
Which social media tools should I use?
How do I get started?
Which social media tools you use and how you use them are up to you!
We look forward to connecting with you online!
Remember to always use social media
Final thoughts
"a group of people who can guide your learning, point you to learning opportunities, answer your
questions, and give you the benefit of their own knowledge and experience”
Tobin, D. R. (1998) Building Your Personal Learning Network
A PLN has been defined as:
You probably already have a PLN, even if you don't realise it!
You can easily keep
with developments in your subject area or specialism
Learn new skills
Make new connections
Higher Education is a rapidly changing sector that is continually searching for and embracing new
teaching styles
research methods
business processes
Social media can be defined as "websites and applications that enable users to
content or to
in social networking."
You can ask a question and get an answer
in the world!
You can use social media to follow key influencers or industry experts
You can access
the latest resources
or share your own content
You can connect with people you may never get the chance to meet offline
Remember, you don't have to post personal details - you can use social media for professional purposes only
Of you can simply use your account to follow or search without posting!
1 billion users
over 600 million users
over 300 million users
LinkedIn is a professional social networking site
Good for industry groups and connecting with organisations and professionals
It's useful for searches, asking questions and keeping
Twitter is a micro-blogging site where you can send Tweets of up to 140 characters
Most popular social networking site
Good for community and business pages and interest groups
Check out the IT Training page at:
and the Social Media Support page at:

Once you have decided which social media tool you want to use, spend some time
getting to know
how others use it and what sort of content they share.
Look for key influencers or relevant organisations to follow
Start by 'liking' or sharing posts that interest you
Interact with other users by commenting on their posts
Or perhaps you have ideas or content that you can share with your network
do you want to connect with?
do you want to engage with your PLN?
Check out our
Social Media Guides
for Staff and Students at
Search for
Social Media QUB
for updates and advice
Social media is all about having conversations
And building relationships
Dryden, Gordon; Vos, Jeannette (2005). The New Learning Revolution: How Britain Can Lead the World in Learning, Education, and Schooling. UK: Network Educational Press Ltd. p. 127. ISBN 978-1-85539-183-3. ]
Slideshare is great for finding online presentations
And don't forget about
Some people prefer to use
Their hangouts are great for group chats
"For the first time in history, we know now how to store virtually all humanity's most important information and make it available, almost instantly, in almost any form, to almost anyone on earth.
has videos on just about everything!
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