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Evaluation of the impact of health education program about d

No description

Enas Ahmed

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Evaluation of the impact of health education program about d

Assessment of the impact of health education program about diarrheal care in children on mothers in Ismailia, Egypt
Mortality from diarrhea has declined over the past two decades from an estimated
5 million deaths
among children under five to
1.5 million deaths
in 2004.

Despite these declines, diarrhea remains

the second most common cause of death among children under five globally
following closely behind pneumonia, the leading killer of young children.

Sixth Year Project
( Group 12 )
Asmaa M. Ghonim
Azza A. Atwan
Doaa O. Salman
Ebtesam A. Ahmed
Enas A. Ismail
Fatema A. Abd Elghany
Huda M. Aly
Nehal H. Saeed
Rokaya M. Diab
Samia D. Gumaa
Sara S. Hefny
Supervised by

Mostafa Fouad
Professor of occupational medicine,
Community medicine department

Heba Allah Mohammed Aly
Demonstrator of occupational medicine,
Community medicine department

Noha Mohammed Aboubakr
Demonstrator of occupational medicine,
Community medicine department

One of the major reasons for the poor outcomes of diarrhea episodes is the
mother’s treatment at home
and the kind of professional treatment she seeks.
In a survey done in ten countries of the Third World, it was confirmed that
parental education
has a major importance in reducing child mortality.

Special Thanks for
Somaya Hosny

Dean of faculty of medicine

Tarek Fouad
Vice Dean for Education and Students’ affairs

Does the health education program could improve knowledge and dietary practice of mothers in diarrheal care in children under five years?
Subjects and methods
Study design
Interventional study conducted to assess the impact of health education program about management of child diarrhea among mothers in Ismailia, Egypt.
Study setting and population
The study was conducted in El- Salam, El- Sabaa banat, El- Mostakbal primary health care units, and in pediatrics inpatient ward and outpatient clinic in Suez Canal University Hospital.
Inclusion criteria
Mothers having at least one child under 5 years, or expected to have any.
Sample size
The sample size was estimated to be 148 individual.
Sampling technique
Simple random sample
from the middle of December to the middle of January, 2013- 2014, was taken from mothers meeting criteria, attending El- Salam, El- Sabaa banat and El- Mostakbal primary health care unit, and in pediatrics inpatient ward and outpatient clinic in Suez Canal University Hospital.
Data collection methods
The study was conducted in three phases.

Phase one
was a base line survey using questionnaire for the mothers.

Intervention phase
including different health education approaches, interview, group sessions, poster, brochures.

Post intervention
survey using the same pre-intervention questionnaire.
The results of the study showed

a significant improvement
regarding maternal knowledge about definition of diarrhea, its complications, signs of dehydration, feeding practices and danger signs during diarrhea that need getting medical help.

No significant improvement
occurred regarding preparation of ORS. It also showed that for an intervention to be
different teaching tools should be used, like lecture with visual aids (prints and drawings), small group discussions with active participation by the participants and demonstration.
1 out of every 200
children who contract diarrhea will die of its consequences, including particularly
Health education should be suitable for the level of education of the target group
Perform national programs on ORS effectiveness and usage to promote its utilization among mothers.
Study Question
The conduct of regular Health Education sessions is
highly recommended.

The health Education program should include sessions on the
causes of diarrhea, complications, its prevention and home management, usage of ORS, and the proper use of drugs.

Corrections of misconceptions should likewise be emphasized in the future sessions.
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