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Skills workshop presentation

Emily Brown

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of RESULTS

Action Mobilizing around key legislative opportunities that will have the greatest impact on the lives of low-income people around the globe RESULTS The power to end poverty Empowering individuals to step out of their comfort zone and exceed their personal expectations by exercising their personal and political power Creating the political will to end poverty Connecting grassroots activists with strategic grass-tops efforts Supporting anti-poverty legislation by: Empowering ordinary people to become powerful voices for the end of poverty with a unique training and support system Policy Makers
Media E.P.I.C “As I see all of you, I see enormous hope, hope for this planet. You have had a
distinguished history. You have played an enormous role in putting the child on the
map, on putting micro credit on the map, on putting people who live with diseases of
poverty on the map…Press on, because the world depends on it.”
-Dr. Bobby John, President of Global Health Advocates, ACTION Project India RESULTS has been shining a light on critical, effective ways to eliminate poverty for the
past 30 years. (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Success of the Past Engage
Call to Action Health Care Tuberculosis Global fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Head Start and Early Head Start Child care and development block grant MICROFINANCE "...137 million of the world’s poorest families have been reached with microloans and other services in 2010. When we started in 1997, that number was less than 8 million..." -November 2011 Global Grassroots conference call, RESULTS Idea of giving tiny loans to world’s poorest to start small businesses
Raises family income and fosters greater respect for women Grameen Bank:
over 98% payback rates
97% of borrowers are women In Congress now!
Microenterprise Empowerment and Job Creation Act of 2011 (H.R. 2524) was introduced by Reps. Chris Smith (R-NJ) and Bobby Rush (D-IL) on July 13, 2011.
This powerful bill reauthorizes previous microenterprise legislation and provides means and incentives for USAID to direct substantially more microenterprise resources to the very poor. TAKING ACTION! I'm a constituent writing to ask the representative to cosponsor the Microenterprise Empowerment and Job Creation Act, H.R. 2524.

We all support helping people help themselves; that's the power of microfinance.

Microfinance helps people get access to small loans and savings so they can start tiny businesses or save money safely. They roll this investment back into their families - especially women, who make sure their kids can eat, go to school, and get medicine.

USAID invests in microfinance programs, but they could do better job at reaching the poorest. Did you know that 90 percent of Africa doesn't have access to any financial services, though Africa has the greatest need and receives less microfinance funding than, for example, Columbia alone?

Reps. Chris Smith and Bobby Rush have introduced a bill to focus microfinance funding on the very poor. Will you cosponsor it? Can I send you a fact sheet and a copy of the bill? Sample Letter: Please Address letters to Robert Brady Beatrice Ngendo was a single grandmother living with 12 grandchildren in Kenya’s Mathare Valley. Beatrice’s children and their spouses all died of AIDS, and the situation looked very desperate. But Beatrice heard about Jamii Bora, an effective microfinance organization, and joined in 2000. With access to financial services, Beatrice developed a grocery store, a butchery, a restaurant, and rental house. Even better, her grandchildren got back into school.

In Africa alone, only 10 percent of people have access to basic financial services for saving and borrowing. Statistics like this are shocking, and this reality prevents millions from lifting themselves out of poverty.

But successes like Beatrice’s can be repeated by expanding access to microfinance. Representatives Chris Smith and Bobby Rush are introducing a bill to focus USAID microfinance funding toward the very poor.

Would you be interested in getting more information on this bill and possibly being an early cosponsor? I would be happy to get you any information you might need. Engage Problem Inform Call to Action E.P.I.C Interested in staying involved with RESULTS? Sign up for email alerts!
Participate in the RESULTS New Activist Orientation! Monday February 27 at 9PM
You must RSVP! Details on how in the welcome email.
Participate in our monthly meetings!
Start a RESULTS club at your campus and start taking action!

For more information or questions, email:
resultsphilly@gmail.com Global Partnership for Education District 1- Rep Robert Brady
District 2- Rep Chaka Fattah
District 6- Rep Jim Gerlach
District 7- Rep Patrick Meehan
District 8- Rep Michael Fitzpatrick
District 13- Rep Allyson Schwartz
District 15- Rep Charles Dent
District 16- Rep Joseph Pitts Representatives of the Philadelphia Region RESULTS Provided education and other key services to over 968,000 low-income children and families in the U.S after RESULTS advocacy Funding incresed $236 million, a new high! This funding will help provide child care to 1.6 million low-income children while their parents work. Every $1 million will enroll10,000 more children into primary school, hire 250 teachers, and distribute 60,000 textbooks We beat back efforts to slash programs that save an estimated 100,000 lives every month Advocates secured an historic three-year, $450 million U.S. pledge for the global vaccine program
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