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Romanticism vs. Neoclassicism

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Aaron Jacob

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Romanticism vs. Neoclassicism

Taking it further: make your own art
Romanticism vs. Neoclassicism The Enlightenment Locke, Newton, and the Age of Reason Neoclassicism Romanticism In the late seventeenth century, philosophers like Locke and physicists like Newton sparked an interest in the science of the universe.

The old church doctrine that resisted intellectual inquiry into Creation was replaced with the desire to appreciate the logical order within Creation that was being discovered every day. This new outlook impacted everything: arts, philosophy, music, and literature These "artists" became interested in another time in which arts were dictated by science and precision: the time of the ancient Greeks This new focus on the Classical Era was called "Neoclassicism." What "classic" techniques/ideas do you see in this painting? What focus do you see on geometric patterns, etc. The response to this focus on logic and order was a demand to focus more on the beauty and emotion behind the nature. This school of thought wanted to get back to the emotions and beauty of the Arthurian legends, also known as Romances. This movement was called the Romantic movement. This painting is called "Waterfalls at Subiaco". What is the difference between this painting and the other? Look at the focus, the colors, etc. The following is Bach's "Goldberg Variations," an example of Classical music ...and this is an example of Romantic music. What differences do you see? Again, Classical music (from Mozart's Symphony 40) And Romantic (from Wagner's "Parsifal: Prelude" The focus on the revival of Classical techniques led to a movement called "Neoclassicism"
Go to Google Images. Type in “Movie Posters.”
Scan through the movie posters and find one that is styled as a Romantic work of art and one that is styled as a Neo-Classical work of art. Romantic/Neo-Classical Influences on Modern Culture Draw two pictures of the same thing. (Pick something simple that you can draw, like trees or flowers, fish, houses, mountains, cars, or whatever.) Draw one in a Romantic style, and draw one in a Neo-Classical style.
You may use your computer if necessary
You are not being graded on your artistic talent here, so have fun. Explore Romanticism and Neo-Classicism in your own artwork! Make Your Own Romantic and Neo-Classical Artwork! Here’s the one thing Ms. Fisanich can sort of draw: Pikachu.
He is in the neo-classical style, posed before two buildings.
She uses this to demonstrate that although your artistic ability isn’t fantastic, you can still understand Neo-Classicism in artwork. Ms. Fisanich’s Brilliant Neo-Classical Artwork In this picture, Pikachu is having a lovely romp in the fields. He’s at the bottom of the picture on the right, about to cross the mountain path and disappear into the hedgerow on the other side. Brilliant Romantic Drawing Prepare your own slideshow of Romantic and Neoclassical art. Include your movie posters and your artwork. Use slides that have a place for pictures AND text, so you can make bullet point observations about each picture.
You must include at least two examples of real Neoclassic and Romantic art and music.
Share/email your presentations with me
Slideshows are due Monday, January 28, at the start of class Finally…
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