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No description

Kasey Williams

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of horses

Horse Basics: Everything you need to know to avoid being made fun of by horse people Facts A horse's height is measured in hands(4 in)
Their ears almost always point to where they're looking
A horse's mood often mimics yours
If you hold your hand out to a horse and they walk up and breathe out warm air onto it then they want to be friends. If they rest their head on your shoulder, they trust you. Cuties<3 Breeds/types Quarter horse 15-16 hands: 1,000 lbs.
good leisure horses
agile, versatile Clydesdale 16-19 hands: 1,500-2,000 lbs.
heavy weight, used for hauling
feathering over ankles
often work horses Palomino golden, tan
15-16 hands:900-1,100 lbs.
mostly thought of as color type rather than breed Appaloosa 14-16 hands: 900-1,200 lbs.
small spots
agile, strong legs Mustang 13-17 hands:900-1,200 lbs.
strong, intelligent, endurance, athleticism
"wild horses of the west" Paint 14-16 hands: 800-1,100 lbs.
Versatility, grace, willing to please
colorful coat patterns Gypsy Vanner 14-16 hands:900-1,200
short back, strong shoulders
feathering under knees
long manes Common mistakes horses are dumb horses are actually extremely smart. If they aren't doing what you want, it's often because you are doing something wrong. horses eat straw horses don't eat straw, they eat hay. Straw is yellow and dry but hay is green and good for horses. horses are mean horses aren't mean. If you treat them right and understand horses then most can be very sweet. horses smell don't ever tell a horse person that horses smell. Names Mare
Filly -grown female horse
-fixed male horse
-not fixed male horse
-baby horse(under one year)
-boy baby horse(under four years)
-girl baby horse(under four years)
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