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Stress Management

No description

Theresa Miller

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of Stress Management

Stress Management
in the Workplace

Theresa Miller

St. Petersburg College
of Nursing
March 6, 2015

Participant Objectives
Participants will be able to:
* Define Stress

* Identify 4 ways of managing stress to
achieve a work-life balance

* List 3 interventions or strategies that
managers can implement to reduce work
place stress


Stress: A state or feeling of "tension or worry
in ones life" (Merriam Webster, 2015).

Stress Factors can cause the following harmful responses to the body:
* Physical
* Chemical
* Emotional

Article 1

Stress... At Work

Job stressors can affect one's health in the following ways:
* Cardiovascular Disease (HTN, increased risk for
heart attack)
* Musculoskeletal Disorders (Back pain & other
* Psychological Disorders (anxiety, depression, &
* Immune Impairment (related to sleep deprivation
& poor dietary habits)
Injuries (related to unsafe work environment)
(Centers for Disease Control, 2015)
Article 2
The Impact of Environmental Factors on
Nursing Stress, Job Satisfaction and
Turnover Intention
Evidence-based practice results that impact nurse stress levels:
* 75% of RN's feel that staff nursing shortages are
most attributed to stress levels

Other Factors that increase stress levels:
* Physical environment (noise, color, smells,
chemicals, safety, & air quality)
* Job Satisfaction (turnover rates, work schedule, &
job role)
* Higher patient acuity levels (mainly on med-surg

(Applebaum, Fowler, Fiedler, Osinubi, & Robson, 2014)

Increased Stress of Home life &
Work Demands Add to
Stress Levels
* Approximately in 50% of households where
both parents work

* Loss of job of one or both parents (economic impact)
* Shift-work
* Rotating Shifts (Disturbing Circadian Rhythms)

A work-life balance includes:
* Awareness of work demands versus home life
* Schedule leisure time (hobbies & other activities)
* Relax (Deep breathing exercises, meditation,
prayer, exploring nature)
(Simmons, 2012)
Article 4
It is impossible to prevent stress from occurring however, there are measures one can take to help reduce the effects of stress

Stress Management in the
Strategies to manage stress:
* Participate in sports/activities
* Deep breathing exercises
* Rest
*Time management
*Understand role/know work expectations
* Positive attitude
* Attending staff promotional programs
* Develop & maintain interpersonal relationships
(Jahanian, Tabatabaei, & Beddad, 2012)
Article 5
Managers are responsible for the safety of their
employees & working environment

Ways managers can promote stress management by:

* Create safe work environment
* Design safe (doable) work schedules
* Adequate staffing
* Involve employee participation in designing schedules
* Job sharing
* Allow work to be done at home (online education, CEU's)
* Effective communication with staff (address problems/
* Spend time on unit (Rounding & offer assistance)
* Offer work incentives (programs, rewards for job well done)
* Conduct safety/risk assessment audits
* Follow up on complaints/variances
* Promote & support a work-life balance
* Encourage employees to take breaks (promote work time-out
to "quiet room" & refer to Employee Assistance Program's (EAP))
* Routine staff meetings
* Offer encouragement/praise

Armstrong's Handbook of Human Resource Management

(Armstrong, 2012)
Stress is an inevitable part of
life. Some stressors or a culmination of stress over time can become overwhelming for the individual.

There are healthy ways to cope with stress that
promotes a balance between work & home-life.

It is important for one to recognize stressors in their own life & find appropriate ways to cope.

Stress management includes:
* Exercise (yoga, walking, running, etc.)
* Deep breathing techniques
* Effective communication/interpersonal relationships
* Rest
* Meditation/prayer
* Journaling
* Music
Summary continued
Managers as nurse leaders can impact
stress management by:
* Recognizing stressors & intervening
* Promoting work-life balance
* Designing and implementing organizational

Stress management in the workplace is necessary for morale,
team building, increased positivity, healthy balance of work/home life, & increased productivity

A nurse manager could utilize the information in this presentation to make a difference in their workplace when addressing the issue of stress management by:

* Effectively communicating with employees
* Identify workplace stressors & intervene
* Implement healthy approaches for coping skills and
* Provide educational resources & involve non-judgemental
health services (EAP's counseling)
Summary continued

Possible questions to enhance peer

Can you name some examples of things that the nurse manager can implement in order to decrease stress in the workplace?

What are some things that you can do to decrease your stress load and manage a healthy balance between work and home life?
Applebaum, D, Fowler, S., Fiedler, N., Osinubi, O., & Robson, M.
(2014). The impact of environmental factors on nursing stress, job satisfaction, and turnover intention.
Journal of Nursing Administration
, 40(0): 323–328. doi: 10.1097/NNA.0b013e3181e9393b
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American Journal of Nursing
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Article 3
(Merriam Webster, 2015)
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