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CMN 450 Week 5

The Digital Divide

Jaigris Hodson

on 7 February 2015

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Transcript of CMN 450 Week 5

Access and the Digital Divide
CMN 450 - Week 5
The Digital Divide Operates on Many Levels:
Digital Divide Defined
Developed world vs the developing world
Young people vs. the elderly
Remote communities vs. other communities
People who are homeless or transitory vs. people with stable homes
People with disabilities vs. able-bodied people
Different Populations Use Different Tools:
Different Cultural Norms
Habits and Preferesnces
An ongoing challenge
Access For People With Disabilities
Different disabilities require different accommodation
Often solutions are one step behind changing tech
Socioeconomic status part of the problem
Disabilities overlap with other divides
Cost is a major issue
The Intraurban Digital Divide
The Digital Divide at Home
How to Make Your Website Accessible
Best Practices:
Reduce web page complexity
Keep a logical and linear structure
Be descriptive
Give every image a descriptive <alt> tag
Add closed captioning to any video you post, or provide a transcript
Create a sharp distinction between foreground and background content
Content should be adaptable - able to be presented in simpler ways without losing information or structure
Inside a city, there can exist a digital divide
There certainly exists a divide between who participates in web 2.0 and who does not
Relative wealth, and proximity to the city centre are found to be indicators
Growth of smartphone use not yet a solution for a disparity in UGC
Access to broadband and data - also an issue
Code and Access to Content
What about Google Fiber?
How to add closed captioning to YouTube Videos
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