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The Michelle I Know

English Presentation (Sept.29.2012)

Jing Li

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of The Michelle I Know

The Michelle I Know Story Written By: Allison Lohans Story Presented By:
Hanna Elasih Mindy Xu
Jing Li Corals Zheng
Meiyi Chen INTRODUCTION TO THE STORY The Michelle I Know Pg.16-23 "Now that's the Michelle I know," Point of View FIRST TOPIC -3rd person limited Significance? It shows all the characters and their actions through a non-biased perspective. SECOND TOPIC Setting Whose Perspective? Michelle’s. Benefits? Limitations? Where? -in a hospital When? -at night, around 7:27pm What time period? It took place in the present days. THIRD TOPIC Characters Protagonist? -Michelle Antagonist? -Leukemia(a type of cancer) What conflict? Relation to the protagonist? Minor characters? -Brenda, Claude and Rob Role? The minor characters’ roles included creating the mood, relating to the theme, involving with the conflicts and as well as revealing the characters of Michelle. FORTH TOPIC Plot Graph Introduction? -Michelle had leukemia and despised being in the hospital. Rising Action? -Michelle battled her feelings after meeting with Claude. Climax? -Michelle made a decision and took off the wig. Falling Action? -Rob arrived and assured Michelle that he still has feelings for her. Resolution? -Michelle discovered that life is still wonderful as Rob was dancing with her. FIFTH TOPIC Theme The Lesson? Treasure life and never doubt what it brings you. How does the author tells it in the story? Therefore the Truth About Life? There are perks and downs in life. The end.
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