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Family Tree

No description

Kaitlin Chamberlain

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Family Tree

Kaitlin Elizabeth
Chamberlain Family Tree Kaitlin- Hebrew, means "pure"
Elizabeth- Greek, means "God's promise"
Chamberlain- English, occupational, the chief servant to the royal family Father's Side Mother's Side Chris Chamberlain
(1974-) J.D Chamberlain Jr.
(1943-) J.D doesn't stand for anything
Used to own an ice cream business in Lansing called "Dixie Dee Ice Cream"
Navy Carol Farmer
(1942) Jewell Farmer
(1905-1983) Helen Yuhasz
(1915-2000) Parents came from Hungary, so that makes me the 4th generation in America J.D. Chamberlain Sr.
(1909-1977) Worked for a railroad company and engineer for big boats on the Mississippi
My father's role model
Ruby Mitchum
(1911-2010) Never had a job Melissa Prince Chamberlain Rinehart Clarence Albert Prince Junior
(1948-) Called J.R.
Vietnam War Linda Harris Crenshaw
(1948) I call her Nanya
Her husband and her own two law offices in Okemos and Jackson
Degree in secondary education 8 brothers and sisters
Helen Welsh
(1923-) Clarence Albert Prince Sr.
(1917-2000) Pastor
Navy Put together a family band
Sang regularly on the radio with her husband Elton Harris
(1925-1991) Earlene Emerson
(1930-) Taught children's ministries in church
Now she has Alzheimers
Too young to be in war
Worked on airplanes
Died of an anurisym Those who live in the
Lord never see each other for
the last time.
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