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Charlotte's Web

Introduction to Main Characters

Melinda DeCorte

on 24 April 2017

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Transcript of Charlotte's Web

A very kind and clever spider who becomes Wilbur's most devoted friend in the barn.
Wilbur is a trusting and friendly pig who lives in the Zuckerman's barn. Wilbur wants more than anything to find a friend in the barn.
by Melinda A. DeCorte
Grade 1- ESL Teacher
Fern is a young farm girl who saved Wilbur and took care of him as if he were a real baby. Fern visits Wilbur often in the Zuckerman's barn.
Templeton is a rat that lives in the barn with Wilbur, Charlotte and all of the other animals. Templeton loves to eat and can be sneaky and selfish but he finds a way to help out when he is needed the most.
Mr. and Mrs. Zuckerman
Mr. and Mrs. Zuckerman agree to allow Wilbur to live in their barn. The Zuckermans give Wilbur food and make sure he has a clean bed of hay. It doesn't take the Zuckermans long to figure out that Wilbur is no ordinary pig.
Main Characters
Charlotte's Web
Charlotte's Web is the beloved story of unlikely friendships that develop on a farm. I dare you not to fall in love with each and everyone of these amazing characters..


I am a first grade teacher at Cunningham Elementary School, located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. I am recently certified as an ESL teacher and currently my 23 students are all English Language Learners.

of this Prezi was to enhance the Charlotte's Web Unit that I

have been doing each year in my classroom. For the past 6 years I have created new activities for my students to help them understand the important elements within the story and make connections with each of the characters. Up until now, I was missing a technology piece. I am hopeful that the addition of this Prezi will further develop this unit and make it more comprehensible to all of my learners.
Practical Application/Obectives
One of the main objectives of this Charlotte's Web Prezi is to help my English Language Learners develop background knowledge of the important literary elements of the story prior to reading it. My hopes is that through seeing and hearing the characters while in "action" will help the students visualize and connect during my read aloud.

Application of the Prezi could be before, during or after reading. More Prezis could be designed and the options are endless; vocabulary, problem/solution, character analysis etc...
Concerns - Strengths - Weaknesses
Strengths of the Prezi are plenty. Incorporating visuals, videos, music etc are fairly easy which make the Prezi enjoyable and entertaining. The unique and yet easy movement between frames make the visuals standout and manageable for the user.

I can think of a million other Prezis that I could incorporate into this one Unit and now have the tools and knowledge on how to do that.
Weaknesses: The main weakness is "Me" the designer. I needed more time to research all the design tricks that Prezi has to offer, but due to time-constraints I stuck with what I felt were the "basics". There is so much for me to learn; like how to get rid of the advertisement pops that are seen in some of the youtube videos. I will certainly have to fix this before presenting to my students.
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