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Manage Your Classroom AND Keep Your Sanity

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Sarah Kressin

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Manage Your Classroom AND Keep Your Sanity

By: Jack C. Berckemeyer

Manage Your Classroom AND Keep Your Sanity
Classroom management is about trial and error.
It comes through practice, patience, teamwork, flexibility, quality mentoring, willingness to seek help, and a huge dose of humor.
Classroom Management: What is it All About?
There is no one answer, but Berckemeyer lists six main ways to improve classroom management skills.
What Can be Done to Improve Classroom Management Skills?
Our goal is to get students to move with purpose.
1. Engage Them
- Find ways to incorporate movement
when planning a lesson.
Try not to give students negative attention, but instead find reasons to give them positive attention.
Use humor in the classroom! Sharing a laugh builds positive energy and shows students you enjoy being around them.
2. Show Them You Care
Make the environment inviting to students.
3. Design the Environment
As teachers we are there to prepare them for their future. Technology is part of that and by incorporating it in a positive way it prevents the technology from become a negative aspect of the classroom.
4. Keep up with Technology
Own the room before power struggles begin.
Roam the room and ask and answer questions while they are working.
5. Channel Adolescent Power
Plan ahead to avoid chaos!
6. Discipline Proactively
Make a set of class rules in regards to the technology in the classroom.
Make the environment appropriate for the age group.
Allow students to help!
This gives them a sense of belonging and ownership.
Hold them accountable for assignments.
Offer incentives to for getting their work done before leaving class.
Set clear expectations for students.
Deal with any situations as quickly and simply as possible.
Keep students actively engaged in positive ways.
Treat a Student. Score One For Goethe
Doris E. Dempsey discusses how treating and seeing students positively will positively affect how the students behave and will play a huge role in the ease of managing a classroom.
The Power of Positive Relationships
Tara Brown discusses seven relationship-based strategies to help teachers turn their classroom into a positive learning environment.
Helping Student Teachers Face Their Fears
Diana Brannon discusses four major fears that student teachers have when beginning student teaching and what can be done to help ease these fears.
Using Classroom Management to Close the Achievement Gap
Charles Beaman states that it will be very difficult to close the achievement gap if there is not a positive learning environment, so having good classroom management skills is a must for teachers.
Flexible Grouping in the Classroom
Rick Wormeli discusses the idea that every class is different therefore has different needs when it comes to grouping students.
You Can Smile! Classroom Management Tips
Theresa L. Roberts discusses that smiling in a classroom will not make a person lose control of it but instead it is poor management that can cause the loss of control and discusses tips to solve this problem.
5 Keys to Effective Classroom Management
Kimberly Kode discusses the five key principles to create a successful classroom management system being, considering teaching styles and preferences, keeping it simple, incorporating positive reinforcements, making simple changes first, and starting now.
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