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True Colors

No description

Jessi-Marie Taitague

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of True Colors

Identify Your Personality Style and Work Style within your Organization

Communicate more effectively within your Chapter

Form successful partnerships and relationships with other Chapters, Councils, and members
Prioritize each GROUPING of words across the row
Use “4” to indicate MOST like you, “1” to indicate LEAST like you
Each row MUST have a “1” through “4”
Add up the numbers associated with each color in the bottom box
Look at the highest number & That is your color!

Sit at the table marked your color!
How To Take The Test
This session will help you:
Are dutiful and stable
Need to be useful
Want to be self-sufficient
Value organization
Desire punctuality
Schedule their lives
Make and keep commitments
Measure worth by completion
Are goal-oriented
Value rules
Are inclined to join groups
Believe work comes before play
Safeguard tradition
Prefer order and cleanliness
Are responsible and dedicated
Are drawn to respected occupations
Enjoy positions of authority
Desire structure
Bring stability to society
Prepare for the future
Are free and spontaneous
Are impulsive risk-takers
Are active
Are optimistic
Resist commitment
Can become virtuosos
Thrive on crises
Are drawn to tools
Like to be the center of attention
Are dynamic, animated communicators
Have great endurance
Need variety
Are competitive
Deal with the here and now
Are bold in relationships
Are generous
Have difficulty finding acceptance
Like to live in a casual atmosphere
Bring excitement to society
Are drawn to action jobs
Innovative and logical
Seek to understand the world
Need to be competent
Require intellectual freedom
Are curious
Question authority
Push themselves to improve
Seek perfection in play
May become intellectually isolated
Are slow to make decisions
Value concise communication
Look for intellectual stimulation
Enjoy intriguing discussions
Are sometimes oblivious to emotions
Are detached
Believe work is play
Are drawn to technical occupations
Analyze and rearrange systems
Focus on the future
Bring innovation to society
Are in search of themselves
Need to feel unique
Must be true to themselves
Look for symbolism
Value close relationships
Encourage expression
Desire quality time with loved ones
Need opportunities to be creative
Compromise and cooperate
Nurture people, plants and animals
Look beyond the surface
Share emotions
Make decisions based on feelings
Need harmony
Are adaptable
Are drawn to literature
Are drawn to nurturing careers
Get involved in causes
Are committed to ideals
Bring unity to society
The artists, peace bringers and the sensitive ones
The “Visionaries”
The organized, structured and disciplined ones
The action-oriented, quick witted and problem solver group
Working With Golds
Be punctual

Be dependable

Recognize a job well done

Give them the opportunity to carry out logistics
Working With Greens
Whenever possible, present a written plan beforehand to allow them time to think

When presenting new ideas, support them with facts/data

Talk one-on-one or in small groups

Give them the opportunity to bring new ideas
Working With Blues
Be optimistic

Be sensitive

Be open to their need to include emotions in decisions

Give them the opportunity to build relationships
In Your Organization
Big Brothers and Sisters
New Member Educator
Philanthropy Chairs
Brotherhood / Sisterhood Chairs
In Your Organization
Finance or Treasures
Recruitment Chairs
Scholarship Chairs
In Your Organization
Social Chairs
Chapters Best Recruiters
In The Organization
Standards Chair
Risk Management Chair
Ritual Chair
& Leading Your Chapter
Working With Oranges
Change or lack of plans
Unclear expectations
Lack of Knowledge
Overly sensitive people
Ignored recommendations
Conflict, Negativity, Lack of Trust
Isolation or being left out
Taking on too much
Their needs being ignored
Be open to adventure
Be clear about expectations
Allow for their energy and enthusiasm
Utilize energy to facilitate activities
Feeling trapped
lack of freedom
Strict guidelines or rules
No sense of humor
Details, paperwork
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