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This PREZI was used by Dr Phillip Mahnken of University of the Sunshine Coast during visits to schools in Queensland in 2013 with I Made Denis, a young gamelan virtuoso from Bali funded by DFAT's Australia Indonesia Institute.

Phillip Mahnken

on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of Indonesia

Australians and Indonesians
side by side

Once upon a time there was a continent ... occupied for 40 000 years or more by
Kalimantan - Borneo -
home of the orang utan
Bird of paradise
and now .. 236 years later here we are in Australia: indigenous, European, from all over the world ... but still, we know so little about our neighbours
in the Asian region
in the Asian Century

Lombok wedding procession
or nyongkolan
Wet rice fields - paddy fields - sawah
Burung cendra-wasih Bird of paradise
Pak Tani - the farmer feeding the people
in Lombok
Pasar - the market
Nita and Ami
Aussie students like Jo visit Muslim pesantren
“Balinese musician + Australian story teller = cut through Indonesian promotions" is supported by the Commonwealth through the Australia-Indonesia Institute of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. AII’s website is at www.dfat.gov.au/aii.
Nearly one million Australians per year visit beautiful Bali
Heaven on the planet - south east Lombok
17 330 islands in Indonesia
Wedding of Iluh and Gayeng, Mengwi, Bali
Buddha at Borobudur
Bali Hindus believe ...
the best way to make the gods happy is to make the world as beautiful as possible.
Not a friendly Indonesian
Orang utan are gentle, smart, harmless and seriously endangered by forest clearing - we can help them, working side by side.
Modern Muslim miss visiting Prambanan, a Hindu temple complex
Hayley and Yani
at the desa
(village visit)

"Bless 'em all, the long and the short and the tall"
Megan and Mary
from Sunshine Coast
with Arum and Yani,
their wonderful teachers
from Universitas Mataram
Now, let's go east to Lombok
Then in 1788 eleven ships full of mainly white, English speaking people came from England and started a new colony at Sydney Cove ... and then more colonies ...
It is only one hour flying time from Darwin to West Timor in Indonesia
Ngaben - Funeral in Bali
Even a funeral is a happy occasion because the spirit of the dead person is going to be freed today to go on to his or her next life
Many things have a spirit: gamelan instruments, spears and kris (the curly dagger), shadow puppets, banyan trees
Lachlan and Lizzie from Queensland with student friends in Central Java.
The island of Java, like Egypt, is littered with stone temples from the Hindu and Buddhist days
Katie from Queensland and her good friend, Firda
Adventurous Hannah
on her way to Komodo
Jakarta the capital of Indonesia is a mega-city and has more than 40 mega-malls. People go there to look at all the other people. Orang Indonesia suka bergaul. Cewek suka mejeng dan cowok cuci mata. : )
Once upon a time there was a huge continent ... side by side with a huge archipelago.
The next chapters in the story
are up to the people of these places, side-by-side. The next chapters will be written by you and what you do with your life.
These terraced hillsides represent thousands of years of work cooperating to control water flow to grow rice in flooded fields.
Natasha - not wearing a helmet!!!
Padang, West Sumatra
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