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Brazil Presentation : 3. SWOT Analysis

Korea Science Academy of KAIST 2011 Advanced English Speaking Course presentation

Hyeong Keun Kim

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Brazil Presentation : 3. SWOT Analysis

SWOT 10-037 Hyeong Keun Kim
10-114 Ji Min Hwang What is SWOT Analysis? SWOT Analysis : a method of business evaluation(Situation Analysis) Conditions in the external condition which favor areas of current weakness High Tourism Racial Segregation Segregation problems: serious
Severely punished by law Environment Pollution Deforestation-20% Amazon Destroyed Poaching High Inequality of Life Strength Things that the organization do well Weakness Things that our company doesn't do well Opportunity Conditions in external environment that favor strengths Threat Many Resources Iron Ore Manganese Bauxite Gold Uranium Petroleum Timber Copper Lower prices! High Crime Rate Top 20 Countries (Rate of Murder) Crime Centered in Favelas(slums) Tourists are main Targets. High Economic Growth Lots of Natural Resources Highest Human Development Index in BRICs BRICs Attention Favelas Social inequality: 10th highest 10% rich : 50% assets 10% poor : 1.2% assets Deforestation Rio de Janeiro Sugarloaf Cable Car Copacabanana Beach Christ the redeemer Panorama Samba Parade-Rio's Carnival Iguazu Falls STRENGTH Analysis OPPORTUNITY THREAT WEAKNESS Now - govt tries to help the poor
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