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About a boy

No description

Paola Addamo

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of About a boy

Theme: Step 2 (Marcus have just known Will)
Theme: Step 3 (Marcus and Will)
Finally Marcus understands that his relationship with Will is a sincere friendship: Will does understand his teenage-problems that his mother have never realized in his whole life and also the serious problems that he has with his mum.
Thanks to this strong friendship, they all become a huge and happy family.

Nowadays lots of guys would like to solve their problems in this favourable way.
This book is really fascinating and interesting.
I liked the story and I understood the problems of each character.
Marcus was my favorite one because he's the real man of the situation. I understood from his thoughts that nobody, apart from Will, could understand his point of view. There was a dialogue between Marcus and a girl with he felt in love with, Ellie, a famous girl in Marcus' school for being always in trouble, that strucks me. Marcus confided to Ellie the pain that he felt when he thought about his mother's attempted suicide, and she told him that if she want to try it again he just don't care because it's her life and he couldn't do anything. She made think Marcus and cheered up him.
I saw the movie and I liked it very much, although it's a little bit different from the book, or better, the film omits a lot of details really important like the majority of the thoughts of Will and Marcus
that make you understand the real meaning of the novel.

Nick Hornby is the author of "About a boy". He's an English writer. He was born in 17 April 1957 in Redhill, Surrey. He began being a teacher, in the meantime he wrote some plays, essays and then novels that brought him lots of success. The most famous are "About a boy", "Fever Pitch" and "High Fidelity". These three books have all been made into successful films with very famous actors like Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore.

Main Characters
Will Freeman
is a 36-year-old man who lives in a really big and modern house in London. He's rich because he earns lots of money from a famous Christmas song made by his father and for this reason he doesn't work. He lives alone, but he feels well because he just like to buy CDs, watch TV programmes etc.. He thinks that these things are important to his life, but everything changed when Marcus began to take part in his life..

Marcus Brewer
is a 12-year-old boy. He's really weird and he hasn't got any friends because he's different from the others. His parents split up, so he lives with his mum in London. He's dressed like a man, for this reason the other kids laugh at him. But actually he's a man: he has to be responsible because his mother is depressed; he sometimes thinks to be the cause of her depression. His life changed when he knew Will..

Fiona Brewer
is a 38-year-old lady. She's strange like her son; she's hippy and vegetarian. She's deeply depressed and cries every time although she doesn't know why. One day she tried to commit suicide, and from that day on, everything was going better.
She thinks that Marcus is introvert, but actually she doesn't really understand the true thoughts of her son, like Will can do instead.

Space and Time, Narrator and Style
The story is set in London in 1993.
There are two main narrators who coincide with the main characters of the story, Will and Marcus. The book is well-framed because the chapters are characterized by the viewpoint of Will and the viewpoint of Marcus. The style of the novel is very easy and near to the spoken language used by teenagers. It really catches the eye, especially if the reader is a foreigner.

Author, Main Characters, Space and Time, Narrator and Style
Theme: Step 1 (Marcus "pre-Will")
In the story emerge some themes like depression, marginalisation, divorce and solitude, but the author succeeded in introduce these hard themes, even if not in a dramatic way, in a way that you can emphasize the characters.
Although the novel is set in 1993, the style is really modern and the themes that Hornby wants to underline aren't typical of that period, but, unfortunately, are real also nowadays.

Marcus is a boy who doesn't care about what the other kids at his school say. He's more mature than a kid at his age.
He has got worse problems than the fact that the others laugh at him all the time. His parents are divorced and he lives with his mother. The mum works as a music therapist, so they have enough money to buy clothes like they wear and to live well; but she's depressed, probably because she hasn't got a boyfriend.
He's really brave and responsible, he knows that he can't lean on his mother, and every time he goes back home anxiety comes out because he doesn't ever know in which mood he can find his mother.

Behind the character of Marcus, I discovered a really current situation that lots of kids have to try to cope. In fact in these later years, there was an increase of parents divorcing and the children that are always subjected to this separation, react in different ways depending on the character of each one.
Marcus meets Will by chance. Initially they weren't in a good relationship, but then Marcus sees in Will a potential boyfriend for his mother, so he begins to spend more time with Will. In a short while they become friends and to Marcus is a really good thing because he can chase away the bad image of his mother attempting suicide. Will to Marcus is just someone who could make entertain him.

It's a sort of escape from reality that takes them to fond of someone that can give you happiness, tranquility and serenity.
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