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Nine frame structure analysis of trailer

No description

jide atiku

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Nine frame structure analysis of trailer

By Jide Atiku
Nine frame structure analysis of trailer
Significant shot 1
This is one of the first shot that the target audience sees in the trailer and it is the establishing shot, this is very effective as it adds a sense of realism to the target audience as it very likely that they live in houses themselves. This lets the target audience know where the film is going to be set, this shot is also very significant as even though the sun is shining the house is still under darkness, which straight away connotes negativity. There is no significant sound that is played during the period of time that this shot is on the screen apart from the slow introductory non-diegetic sound that prepares the audience for what I going to happen in the trailer. The fact that the film is set in a house as a sense of realism to the trailer and to the film also as majority of the target audience will live in a house so it appears much more realistic to the audience.
Significant shot 2
This part of the trailer symbolises abs equilibrium and straight away connotes top the target audience the family are happily moving in to a new house. This closely relates to todorovs theory of equilibrium, this is often used in horror, and it also allows the target audience to interpret their own things about the trailer because it is not quite clear what is going to happen next. Even though it is the daytime at this point there is very subtle low-key lighting this connotes that even though things may seem normal and fine there is still disequilibrium awaiting the family. This is also a wide shot that has deliberately been done by the editors to connote to the target audience that it is a family of 6 with a new born baby which is in effect let all of the audience know who is in the family.
This part is when the disequilibrium begins we can see this through the use of a close-up really emphasizes the expression of the woman's face and connotes top the target audience that danger is close. we also see a very significant use of special effects as there baby walker is moving ieven though there is no one of nothing in it, this is relates to todorovs theory as at this point there is disequilibrium i know this not just from the expression of the woman face but also from the low key lighting used and the further into the scene a woman appears sitting on the chair looking very scary this is vast contrast as white symbolises purity but in this context it is shown as being very negative. during the course of this scene there is not just slow non diegetic sound but also combined with this diegetic which was baby lullaby music this connotes to the target audience that children may be the culprits behind the havoc in this house .
Significant shot 5
During this part of the trailer significant sound effects were used this connotes that the directors did not just make an effort to add a sense of realism to the trailer but also the conglomerate of the film spent a lot of money on the production stage of film making in the film. This part of the film is shown during the series of quick cuts in the trailer this is very effective as it gives the audience i very quick overview of the the narrative it just a short space of time. during the course of this very minute clip in during the series of quick cuts that were shown we that stuff in the room suddenly move rapidly upwards connoting anger, which suggests to the audience that the evil spirit
is agitated by someone which could be the family. the mise-en scene has got alot of low-key lighting adds to the mysterious atmosphere and the enigma of the scene.
Signinficant shot 3
i have chosen this part of the trailer to be one of the significant parts because it could be said to be one of the confusing as well as scariest parts of the film and the trailer for that matter. this scene is shown just after a series of quick cuts of small clips of the film which already had given the audience a quick overview of the film so showing this in particular scene after this is very effective as keeps the audience watching and and much more suspense, two feelings combined will inevitably persuade the target audience to watch the film. during this scene this man appears to be invisible and is not scene by the audience until the man with the torch consults the other man and he tells him about the man in front of him, then it cuts and shows the old man saying 'he's got your baby' and he is pointing but the audience does not get to see ho the old man is pointing at, this adds to the tension of the scene as well as suspense and will in turn entice the audience to watch the film.
Significant shot 4
Significant shot 6
In this scene we see the mother looking at her son while he is in the cot sleeping and she gives him a kiss, a very effective shot, as straight away it connotes to the target audience that the child is vulnerable we also notice this from the low angle shot that has been used. the use of lighting is not just effective and significant but alos it is striking as it is very rare for a child to be sleeping in lighting that is blood red which connotes danger. This also relates to the codes and conventions of a horror film as children are heavily used in modern horror films this may be to add a sense of realism as many indivduals to not understand what is going on in children's minds.this scene also was entered the audiences view through transition of a fade this also connotes to the target audience mysteriousness
Significant shot
in this scene there are special effects used this. it may be seem very insignificant but it is very effective. in this scene there is a man saying that whatever is haunting the house has come back and it wants the family's children, at this very point the letters on the dice change on there own this this is effective as it connotes to the target audience that evil spirit that is in the house and that it its way of communicating to the individual. the special effect that was used in this scene connotes mysteriousness as well as power of the evil spirit in the house. the use of low key lighting is also very effective as darkness connotes negativity. the fact that the target audience does not know what the word say as it was quickly cut it is likely in entice the audience to watch the film.
Significant shot 8
this shot was also shown in between a series of quick cuts but even though it is not on the screen for a long period of time, the audience will be able to see it and interpret what is going to happen themselves. in this seen it looks as if the the family is going into the basement of there newly bought house and finding somethings that they have not seen before. the use of low-key lighting is very significant in this scene even though it has been used in a lot of previous scenes in the trailer, this is because because basement in houses are very dark and putting it in the context of a horror film will have much more of a effect on target audience and it adds a sense of realism
Significant shot 9
in this scene there is another use of special effects used, the connotes to target audience that alot of was spent on the film to give them the best viewing experience possible. The mise-en scene in this particularly effective as the rocking horses seem to have cobwebs on them, this straight away connotes to the target audience that these horse have been there for sometime. in this scene we can see that the directors of the film have used special effect, the horses in this scene seem to be rocking on there own very rapidly, this could connote to the target audience that the evil spirit is angry. The particular scene also follows the the codes and conventions of most horror films as the mise-en scene contain contains low-key lighting aswell as cobwebs these both create and atmosphere and enigma of danger.
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