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1950-1960 Rodeo

No description

DJ Baroffio

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of 1950-1960 Rodeo

1950-1960 Rodeo
Bull riding
Saddled Bronco riding
Bareback Bronco riding
Calf roping
Team roping
Barrel racing
Bull Riding
The concept of bull riding is to stay on the large bull while its bucking. A bull is selected by raffle, each bull gets a number and then the number is entered into the raffle. A rider is selected off a list to ride the bull. While in the chute they try to aggravate the bull, once the bull is mad they open the chute door and the rider must try and stay on the bull for eight seconds to get a perfect score.
Saddled Bronc Riding
Saddled Bronc riding is a rodeo event that involves riding a horse that attempts to throw or buck off the rider. You must keep one hand in the air and stay on for eight seconds or as long as you can. This is different from bareback because you ride in a saddle. Saddled Bronc riding is not as popular as bull riding but is still popular.
Calf Roping
A calf is loaded into the chute and the rider atop a horse is 5ft behind it. once the door opens the calf runs out into the arena and the horse and rider follow it out quickly. The objective is to rope the cave around the neck, jump off your horse and hog-tie the calf. The calf must lay there for six seconds without becoming untied. If the horse leaves early a time penalty is awarded.

By Caden, Justin and DJ

Rodeo was not originally a sport
until spanish cattle-ranchers
influenced them. Rodeos were mostly found in the south western part of the US.
Thank You
For Viewing
This presentation was brought to you by Baroffio's Garage, B.W. Masonry and Alliance Mechanical
Barrel Racing
Barrel racing is a rodeo event in which a horse and rider attempt to complete a clover-leaf pattern around preset barrels in the fastest time.
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Team Roping
In team roping there are ropers the man in front is called the header and his job is to rope the calf around the horns or neck, both are legal. The job of the other man, the heeler, is to rope the hind legs.
Bareback bronc Riding
Bareback Bronc riding has the same rules and concept as saddled bronc riding except no saddle, making it more difficult.
Bronc Riding
Bull Rider
Bull Riding
BareBack riding
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