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Cool projects - be inspired (final version)

created 2 august, 13:00

L Gelauff

on 9 August 2013

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Transcript of Cool projects - be inspired (final version)

Wikimedia chapters - the cool projects
Coolest (this year rather hot)
Hardest to organize
Thorough bidding process
Tradition since 2005
Hundreds of volunteers coming together
Sharing experience & knowledge
~1000 expected this year
35 hour edit-a-thon in Barcelona
12 - 13 April 2013
Fundació Miró; 35th anniversary
35 hours; 3 shifts
80 participants
Modern art
Side activities to stay focused:
Midnight tour
Writing! 150 articles
400.000th article

Tip: Look for new communities if you can't find enough Wikimedians and ask Wikimedians to take a lead role as trainers.
Kiwix in jail
Wikipedia without internet
Bellevue prison in Gorgier
Capacity: 65
18/36 prisoners participated
Nice press & blog coverage (10 articles)
follow-up: education program in jail
Ada Lovelace day 2012
Library of the Royal Society
Edit-a-thon & panel discussion
16 attendees, 14 new
4 trainers
New communities?
Articles about women scientists

Tip: bundle events to appeal to more people
EduWiki Conference
1.5 day conference on educational practice
University of Leicester
International in scope, set up by WMUK
Focus: collaboration, open review, global participation
60 participants
50% educators
30% Wikimedians
Ambassador program with JISC
Organization for digital technologies in UK for education & research
Paper how scholars should work more openly

Tip: include an optional Wikipedia introduction
Tartu: 2nd city of Estonia
Framework collaboration with local institutions
Content & editors
Mostly online, few meetups
Small contests, i.e.
Tartu theater history
Tartu literature history
95 year Estonia photography competition

Bring together stakeholders within Wikimedia
1st Gathering in Brussels
April 2013
11 participants (chapters, community, WMF)
1 facilitator, 1 external expert
Multi-chapter collaboration
Freedom of Panorama
Public Domain for government works
Orphan works
"Wikimedian in Brussels"
monitor Wikimedia related copyright issues
inform and coordinate the EU chapters & activities

Tip: Offer different levels and ways of participation, make the barriers for participation as low as possible.
Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU:
Give Free Knowledge a voice in Brussels
Chapters Meeting / Wikimedia Conference 2013
Milano, Italia (April 2013)
annual conference for chapters, affiliates and WMF
150 participants, 3+1 days
Side meetings
WMF board meeting
Funds Dissemination Committee
Wiki Loves Monuments
Wikipedia Education Program
Wikimedia Chapters Association
Egg dropping

wikiArS y UCAC2
WikiArs: 2011 initiative Amical Wikimedia
Pilot project UCAC2: 2013, joined by WMES
University of Cadiz
7 students created 3D animation
Blender software
Expert content advisers
Source files available
Building upon existing materials

Tip: Encourage students to build upon existing free material, using free licenses.
Wiki loves Earth
April/May 2013: 1 month
Photo contest
Lists of 7,384 natural heritage sites
11,736 images (of 1,104 different sites)
365 participants
Prizes included traditional dress, tablet PC and solar mobile charger

Tip: Find cool sponsors for the cool prizes
Wikiekspedycja 2012
3 - 12 August 2012
Northeastern Poland
11 people, 2 teams: red & blue
6 people in 2 cars
5 people in a camper & bicycles
Photos from a region
3780 pictures

Work with local guides. Bring umbrellas.
Be inspired
Wikimaraton Helsinki
Kiasma Museum on contemporary art
24 hours, 15:00 - 15:00
Improve articles about contemporary art
Program including:
Midnight guided tour
Sharing experiences
68 articles, 34 new
50 participants, 80% new!
Not everyone was brave enough to stay (awake) the whole 24h

As a result, images were donated by the Central Museum. Tip: Make sure to understand the releasing mechanisms (OTRS) thoroughly - it is complicated!
Wiki Wednesday
First Wednesday of the month
Different locations in Copenhagen
Meeting + activity
Since 2010
Some new people, not many

Regularity. Do it EVERY month, no matter if people show up or not.
~50 speakers left, largely unstudied
7 Wikimedians
Józef Gara (1929 - 2013): writer, poet
17 & 77 year old
Recordings of words by native speaker (until May)
Cleanup & uploading by Wikimedians (until October)

Tip: "older people get tired more easily"
Official Speeches by Salvador Allende
President of Chile 1970 - 1973
Scan, upload and transcription of Salvador Allende's official speeches
Supported by Salvador Allende Foundation (FSA)
Pilot project: Donation of 10 out of 280 speeches
Uploaded on Wikimedia Commons
Volunteers create articles on Wikisource and correct/validate them
Most of his official speeches have been destroyed or are missing.
Planning to use them for subtitles

Tip: Encourage editors by splitting files (don't demand too much!)

Wikiconference Yerevan 2012
8 - 9 September 2012
250 participants
Spread the word about Wikipedia and Wikimedia
(re-)activate editors
Founding of Wikimedia Armenia
Topics included: Armenian Wikipedia, possible chapter activities and how & why things work.
Program with national and international speakers

Tip: Organise (smaller) follow-up meetings to keep the spirit alive

Tip: Write reports simultaneous with the organizing

weekly "Newsletter"
updates about the international Wikimedia universe
short introductions and links to all relevant projects, news, dates and discussions
created on-wiki by community and staff
sent via mailing list, blog by the WMDE
archived on-wiki

Tip: Fill it constantly, not only one hour before the deadline; people who have in on their watchlist see the updates instantly.
Catalan Ministry of Culture
Network of Libraries
Wider coverage
A la carte:
Viquimarató (edit-a-thon)
Photo liberation
Text liberation
Multilingual writing
Wiki takes
Educational program
Wiki reading club (in development)
Long term
Workshops once a month for librarians by librarians
Coming up: Wiki points of contact
Wiki reading club (in development):
Choose topic
Librarian gives each Wikipedian a non-fiction book
Read books & improve articles
Meet: share experiences, joined by expert
Viki Avir
Collaboration with Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Light planes
Empty seat
Wiki photographer!
Aerial photos
No request, just ride along
So far: 5 people; 1500 photos
Hope for avg. 1 per month
Course areal photography obligatory & sponsored
Kfar Kama
Middle school
Teach students (14/15) how to write
Western Adyghe language (kdb)
300k speakers, 7500 in Israel
Incubator, +75 articles
~75 students

Tip: Wikipedians should not have to deal with discipline
Mifgashim Bareshet
Collaboration Ministry of Education
Classes about Wikipedia
Record & stream!
Multiple 6th grade classes per lesson
11-12 year: too young for editing
2012 & 2013
2012: 3 x 150 classes; 23,600 students
2013: 1 x 25 classes; 750 students
Will be continued and further developed

Lesson: Maximum number of classes required for quality
Inspired by: "Adotta una parola va a scuola"
Wikipedia Inside Courses
Courses in Skolkovo Open University
7 lectures and several workshops
videotaped (15 hours!)
for students on site and newcomers via video
requires little resources and scales well
i.e. Rules of Wikipedia; How to write articles
~400 views per video

Tip: Courses are useful not only for your direct listeners but also for newcomers watching the video.
Moëbius radio programme
Wiki loves Sound
What does & did the world sound like?
2000 'old' sounds donated
Workshops field recording
Future generations
Less popular
Uploading is complicated!

Tip: Even recordings with a smartphone can be usefull, be sure to communicate that you don't need fancy equipment to participate.
Image donation Rijksdienst Cultureel Erfgoed
Responsible for recognizing monuments
Monuments and possible monuments
Each candidate has dossier, including photos
Content donation: 555.000 images of candidates
Connecting images to buildings
Wiki Loves Monuments!

Tip: Meta data, meta data, meta data!! GPS location, description, etc. should be extensive as possible

Chernobyl Wikiexpedition
Writing bootcamp
Nuclear accident 1986
Chernobyl Exclusion Zone
One in a row of several Wikiexpeditions in Ukraine
Wikimedians from 6 different countries
Permission to enter a closed zone
Professional guide
900 photos, 30 people
International wikimeetup and exchange

Tip: Use the power of Wikipedia to open doors that normally remain locked.
Monthly meetup in Taipei
How to edit: tutoring
No partnerships
Café space; quieter now
Since 2011
1-5 regular, 3-15 semi regular
Also monthly, alternating, networking meetup
Over 12 months, 99 people participated

If no one shows up, just write something.
Wiki Loves Monuments: Canada
Wiki loves monuments – around the world!
12,000 monuments
Only 20% with free photo!
3 national prizes
French & English
~5600 submissions
Journée contributive: Physique
largest photo competition in the world
more than 350,000 images
over 15,000 people
33 participating countries
10 images per country to international jury
Inter-departmental contribution day
Université de Montréal
Université de Sherbrooke
Université Laval
25 university students of all levels
13:00 - 20:00
Write articles on physics together
Experts for content, Wikipedians for <ref>

Bibliotecari e Wikipediani
Photography Program
Mailing list
Librarians & Wikipedians
Topics include: trainings, Wikidata, datasets
Rumours about closing the identifier system
Mailing list went from silent to the place to be to talk about open solutions and alternatives
Specific outcomes:
Training courses
Import of identifiers to Wikidata
Good contacts with specific libraries

Tip: Build bridges
Nicole Ebber
Lodewijk Gelauff
Other affiliates
Independent organizations
Since 2004
40 chapters, mostly national
Similar mission
Since 2012:
Thematic Organizations (1)
Wikimedia User Groups (6)
Also similar mission
Cool Projects
Since 2011
Collected through survey
Max 3 projects per organization
34 organizations, 76 projects
Hard! Thank you!
Selection of ~40
Variation, replication, inspiration

Wikipedian in Residence, Federal Archives
Wiki Loves Monuments: ZA
Wikipédia Offline: Afripédia
GLAM Bootcamp
Wiki Loves Public Art
Annual Cleanup Contest
1001 Arabic words
Soviet Armenian encyclopedia
Wiki Loves Monuments: Italia
City of Johannesburg & Johannesburg Heritage Foundation
Plaques with QR codes: together with existing 'blue plaques'
Monuments in Soweto
2013 - 2015
Pilot 2013: 12 plaques & 6 editing events
Multiple languages
Goals: Content, Contributors & Spirit

Satyagra house (Gandhi)
Federal Archives of Switzerland
July - December 2013
Advising staff how to edit Wikipedia;
Advising Wikipedians how to use the Archives
Focus: World War I
Goal: at least 5000 photos around WW1
Text & photo
Aiming for high quality; raising the standard

Be patient - it takes 2 years to find a good protocol
Do not push - they must believe in it
Collaboration with South African Heritage Resources Agency
Spreading events over the country
24 Sept: Heritage Day
1800 pictures
3 quality prizes & 1 quantity prize

Agree up front what you're looking for in a winning picture
Focus on big cities with established presence
Regular workshops to discover Wikipedia & Wikimedia
Senior Wikipedians meet newcomers
Local volunteers in public space
Open, welcoming
Different cities, different workout
Since 2011
Local representation

Tip: Try to bring regularity and encourage people to come again next time
Wikipedia Workshop Dhaka
Weekly radio show
Mexican radio station Ibero 90.9 (Universidad Iberoamericana)
Young audience
Connects two seemingly disjointed topics using Wikipedia
For an example, Isaac Asimov => Encyclopedia Galáctica => The Hitchikers Guide's to the Galaxy => Marvin, the Paranoid Android => Ok, Computer => Paranoid Android = > Radiohead
Did you ever get lost on Wikipedia?
30 minutes, talk & music
To show how cool Wikipedia is

Try new types of partnerships with universities!
April 13 2013, Dhaka
University of Information Technology and Sciences
2 hours, 150+ students attending
6 Wikipedian trainers
Opened by the vice chancellor of the UITS
General introduction + how to edit

18 March - 7 April 2013
Solving flagged problems in articles
Online contest
Open for all editors on hu.wp
Prizes (300 EUR in total)
Directly affected ~0.5% of all the articles in 2013

Tip: Turn unpopular tasks into a contest. Prizes improve satisfaction.

First online Arabic-Serbian dictionary
Kick-off February 2013
Combines Wiktionary and Arabic language
6 students in 3 teams, gathering in WMSR office
20 to 40 minutes to cover each word
Adjusting Wikitionary templates
Providing dictionary guidelines
Writing Wikipedia articles about Arabic grammar
One internal event celebrating the 101st word
Chapter supports community members and new volunteers

Tip: Quality over quatity.
November 2012
13 French-speaking countries in Africa
Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) and the Institut Français (IF)
Train the 15 (paid) trainers: 5-day training
2 parts:
offline access to Wikipedia (Kiwix)
train people to contribute to Wikipedia & sisters
Use the offline WiFi networks provided
Nice press & blog coverage

Think ahead! Prepare future onliners for editing Wikipedia now.
photo workshops
high end equipment
accreditation & travel costs
sports events
concerts, cultural events
celebrity events, tv shows
portraits of politicians
unbureaucratic volunteer support
door opener for GLAM institutions

Tip: Make sure that photos are tagged and categorised correctly, to be able to monitor the results.
No list of monuments available (too many!)
No freedom of panorama
No publication of monument photos allowed
Framework agreement with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage
Authorizations from municipalities, provinces, and cultural institutions
7,000 photos
Special prices
Price ceremony
May 2013
Photo contest of public works of art
Cooperation with Europeana
Five countries, plus international jury
Mayor cities (lack of national databases)
75% of all listed works
9,250 images
225 uploaders, 57% new contributors
Photos of public art collections in Museums
5 meetups and photo safaris, outreach
open database of public art, with a public API

Tip: Reach a new group of volunteers and GLAMs.
Content donation for Wikisource
13 vol. of Armenian Soviet Encyclopedia (ASE)
Agreement on free licence
One admin scanned all 13 volumes
Digitised via OCR
Wikification and update of articles
Wikipedians and newcomers
National Archives, Washington
26 - 28 April 2013
12 Wikimedians (US, Canada)
Travel funds
Train the trainers:
How to represent Wikimedia in the cultural sector
Improve outreach material
Discuss future of GLAM-Wiki

Tip: Not more than 15 people; encourage breakout sessions!

Images are all CC BY-SA or more freely licensed. Authors (in order of appearance):
Knud Winckelmann
Yarl & CLI
Honza Groh
Elena Dam
Bea abbad
Kimmo Virtanen
Jeen Berting
Ivan Martínez
Rasel Sarker
Benoit Rochon
Claude Truong-Ngoc
Phil Bronnery & rejon
A. E. Chalon & Kaldari
Katie Chan
Daria Cybulska (WMUK)
Lilli Illiev
Nicole Ebber
Bundesarchiv Bild 194-0966-15 / Hans Lachmann
Plaistow John
Hernán De Angelis Campephilus
Flickr.com user "tanakawho"
Borys Kozielski
Mario Milojević
Federica Brigida (Screenshot derrived from Paubahi)
Wilfredor modified by Laurentius
Marie-Lan Nguyen
Amos Meron
Sven Teschke
Victoriya Santmatova
Manfred Werner - Tsui
Michael Kranewitter
Manfred Werner - Tsui"
Krasnickaja Katya
Сергій Криниця (Haidamac)
Michael Meinild Nielsen
Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed-nl
Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed-nl"
Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional de Chile-cl
Tom Patterson
James Ball
Eesti Spordimuuseum
Mihkel Lehtmets-ee
Joaquim Corominas Tomàs
Marti rj
Josep Renalias
James Hare based on original logo by Dominic
Niccolò Caranti
Amimi Cheng (Wikimedia Hong Kong)
Zoe & Deryck Chan
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