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cell analogy

No description

Calsea Bryer

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of cell analogy

A Cell Is Like A School... Calsea Bryer Nucleus = Office Nucleolus = Principal Cytosol = Students Centrosome = Copier Centriole = Copy Paper Golgi Bodies = Backpacks Lysosome = Janitors Peroxisome = Counselor Secretory Vesicle = Bus Cell Membrane = Doors Mitochondrion = Lunch Vacuole = Storage Room Cell Wall = School Zone Chloroplast = Solar Panels ER = Hallways Ribosomes = Lunch Ladies Cytoskeleton = Support Beams Cytosol is the "soup" in the cell where all of the organelles are held. Students are like the "soup" of a school; without them there would be no school. The nucleus is the controlling center of the cell. The office in controls the school. The principal controls what the students are taught, which is like the protein. The nucleolus produces the ribosomes/ proteins. During cell division the centrosome makes copies and then divides. This could be like a copy machine because it replicates the picture on a paper. Like the centriole, copy paper is arranged a certain way. The centriole is connected with the centrosome and copy paper is connected with the copy machine. The golgi packages macromolecules for transport. Backpacks are packaged with books and papers to be transported to other classes. Lysosomes get rid of the cell waste like the janitors get rid of the waste that the people produce. Peroxisomes protect the cell from its own production of substances. Guidance counselors protect students from bullies, which were produced. The secretory vesicle packages and transports things like hormones. Buses package and transport kids to school. The cell membrane decided what is let in and out of the cell like in a school the doors let certain people in and out. Mitochondria give the cell the energy it needs. School lunch gives students the energy they need Vacuoles store nutrients and waste products. Storage rooms can store garbage and items needed for school. The cell wall keeps the shape of the cell. The school zone provides the area that the school is in. Chloroplasts take in sunlight and the plant goes through photosynthesis. Solar panels take in sunlight and provide light for the school. ER helps with transportation in a cell. Hallways are passageways for students to get from one class to another. Ribosomes produce proteins in a cell. Lunch ladies produce protein for students to eat at lunch. The cytoskeleton helps the cell keep its shape. Support beams in a school keep the shape and don't let it fall apart.
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