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teenage fighting

english prezi on teen fighting

Katie Fragen

on 2 June 2011

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Transcript of teenage fighting

Why do teens fight? Teenage Fighting Someone was insulted or treated disrespectfully. The fight was over an ongoing feud or disagreement. Someone spread rumors or talked about someone else. Someone was hit, pushed, or shoved. There was an argument over a boyfriend /girlfriend. Other factors of teenage fighting Males are more likely to fight than females. Younger teens are more likely to fight than older teens. Teens who abuse drugs & alcohol are more likely to engage in fights. Teenagers who carry weapons are more likely to fight than those who do not. Teens who engage in risky behavior (sexual activity or attempting dangerous things like driving under the influence) are more likely to be in fights. Interviews Dalton Totty-Ongoing feud, pushed, bumped, hit/provoked fight. Sofia Drabkin-Rumors, people talking "crap." Zack Talbot-Ongoing feud, someone was treated disrespectfully. Hayley Augustus-Boyfriend/girlfriend drama. Actual fight between Dalton and a kid from Vintage H.S. Example of an ongoing feud at Vintage H.S. the "stoner vs. jock war" However, this fight did not result in anyone getting seriously hurt, there are many more cases of teenagers getting in fights that have resulted in serious injuries, or even worse, death. A 15 year old girl in Temecula, California was pronounced dead after being taken off life support, when she was caught in the middle of a street fight. Two teenagers in Pinellas Park, Florida engaged in a fight over a two timing boyfriend, which eventually ended in a stabbing that killed one of the participants of the fight. Facts on teen fighting: More than 1 in 3 students have been in a physical fight. About 1 in 7 of those fights had been on school property. About 1 in 9 of those fights resulted in someone being hurt so badly they required medical treatment. Teenage fights have become more frequent and severe in today's generation than in past ones, but what are teens and adults doing to stop these fights? In this video, you see two guards watching these teens beat up a 15 year old girl. Even though they have strict orders not to intervene unless it gets violent, and at that point they are supposed to call the police, it seems really unfair for the girl to be down on the ground while these two guards that are supposed to "protect her" just watch and do absolutely nothing. Due to the fact that teenage fighting has evolved into such a common and dangerous problem, people really need to take a step back and think... ....we now know why teenagers fight, but what do we do to prevent it?
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