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Coach's Eye

No description

matt amerto

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Coach's Eye

The Premier Physical
Education Tech Tool Show me more! Along with the time wheel feature, there are telestrator functions included in this app.

This can draw attention to something very specific for the learner.

There are boxes, circles, straight lines, and multi-directional arrows for demonstration. No way, even more?? Even though that stuff is cool enough, we're not finished.

One of the best features is the new, side-by-side comparison.

This can allow teachers to show progress, or show the differences between incorrect and correct form during any skill. Why Coach's Eye? Coach's Eye, just as the name implies, allows students to see exactly what the coach or teacher sees.

Giving a student an extra perspective can be extremely helpful.

Sometimes students learn best by actually visualizing themselves performing a task, especially in PE.

This resource is perfect for giving students that extra visual aid and making specific corrections How does it do that? A teacher or student can take a video from their tablet or device and immediately show others or review themselves what they have performed. What else can it do? Coach's eye not only captures video, but allows users to play that video at regular speed, slow motion, and has a time wheel feature that allows them to move at any speed and stop at any specific point in the observation. Sharing is Caring! This app is really nice because users can show video and make corrections in person with the student, but also with out them even present.

Videos can be sent to and from Coach's Eye users before and after critiques.

Users can dub voice explanation over the videos while using the telestrator and time wheel to create a great visual and auditory critique for learners, it's as if the coach is right there! Ways to publish Videos are easy to share with the world as well.

Want to publish to your facebook friends or class webpage? Done!

Want to email the video to your students for additional practice and let parents know what their child is learning in class? Done! Explore others videos After creating a video analysis, users are encouraged to share their videos to the Coach's Eye Community.

These videos can be very useful and helpful for other users to see and learn from.

A Coach's Eye user can see ANY video published across the whole world right from the app itself as well. http://www.coachseye.com/06UB A Great Example Close the presentation and follow this link!
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