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Exit Interviews

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Sreenija Pappur

on 13 April 2014

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Transcript of Exit Interviews

Our Goal...
What is our theme?
GAP Project
French PSA
To show what we have learned throughout our years at Morning Star Middle School and how we will use our experiences in the future.
Here is our Infographic showing facts and statistics on why we think that clean water should be a human right.
Our theme is based on the world wide issue of Poverty.
Poverty is the state of being poor. It is one of the most common issues around the world, whether it's in a developing country or in a developed country, it is everywhere.
Here is our French PSA.

Our Agenda for today...
1. Exit Interview Goal
2. Introduction to our theme
3. The GAP Project
4. French PSA
5. Reflecting
6. Math-Infographic
7. Reflection-Why should clean water be a human right?
8. Inquiry question
9. The ARTS
10. What we learned at MORNING STAR MIDDLE SCHOOL
Why should clean water be a human right?
Should the government be responsible for eliminating child poverty in Canada?
Yes, the government should be responsible for eliminating child poverty in Canada for many reasons. Canada is one of the many developed countries in the world and the fact that children are in poverty is a discrimination to this nation. Our government has so much money to give to those in need, but they choose not to. This leads to children ending up with many issues such as becoming homeless, not having a proper education and a decent living environment. If the government changed their ways and spent some more time looking into the issues such as Child Poverty, the society would be a better living environment for all the children living in this country.
What did we learn at MSMS?
Our experience at MSMS was amazing. Throughout our years at MSMS, we learned a lot of things.
We learned how to make new friends
How to think out of the box...
and help people outside our community
How to keep up with all the work...
And how to be R.E.A.L
After learning so much at Morning Star Middle School, we are now ready to become better. We will take everything we have learned from our experiences at MSMS and thrive to reach our goals. We are now LIFE-LONG LEARNERS.
Water was on Earth for as long as we can remember, and it's for every human to use. But the fact that people are taking water as though they own it is not right. No one owns the water on this planet, it's for everyone to share. And clean water is something that everyone should have access to. It is a necessity for living, without it, humanity would not exist. Therefore clean water should be a human right.

Some of the challenges that people in poverty are experiencing include many of them have difficulties getting access to clean water.Often due to not having enough money, water being polluted or factories taking most of the water. But not only that, people don’t get enough supplies to feed them and their families. Causing them to gain illnesses and diseases, killing hundreds of people each day because of not having the same benefits that we in a developed country have. I realized that what I've learned will help me to improve my ways of how I'm going to reach my goals in the medical field. I now understand that the challenges people are going through in the world are more serious than I thought they were, and that I now know how hard I have to work to help.
AQSA- What did you learn about the challenges or conflicts that are present in the world?
I'm lucky to be Canadian because I have more benefits living in a developed country. For example, better health care, education, and a safe living environment while in a developing country, there are issues such as child labor, hunger, and Poverty. Children all around the world have to deal with these issues but I don't. As a Canadian I have access to many things that people in developing countries don't. Going to my new school, a goal that I set for my self is bringing awareness to more people about Poverty and other issues around the world. As a young teen, I enjoy learning and playing sports and by going to my new sports school, Apple Wood Heights I will try to raise money to solve issues in developing countries.
ANGELIC-Why am I lucky to be Canadian?
I learned that poverty is a big issue in the world, and that a large amount of the world’s population is in a state of poverty. I now realize that it’s such a big issue that maybe someone in our community might be in poverty right now and we shouldn’t be judging someone without knowing their whole story. The saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” goes for people too. What I learned has taught me to know a person before I can come to a conclusion about what kind of person they are. When I grow up I want to be in the medical field. I've heard of doctors without borders and I would like to be just like them. Through this assignment I've learned that there are problems all over the world, especially in a developing country, and that a lot of people need help. If I am to be in the medical field I will go outside my country and help those in need.It's always been my dream to help people and now that I know more about the issues in the world I can now move ahead and learn HOW I could help them medically.
SREENIJA-How has what you learned taught you to empathize with other people?

I learned that without the transportation system, the economy system and basic living, a country won’t be good to live in. Transportation system helps people go to different places. The economy system keeps the country organized. And everyone needs food and water and a house to live in. I want to go into the medical field and help people who need it.

JASMINE-What did I learn about the role of systems and their functions when studying global events?
Our learning in all the subject areas such as math, science and geography has made us think differently about the Inquiry Question. After looking at the math portion we were able to compare quality of life in a developed country and a developing country. We could see how issues like poverty are affecting developing countries more than developed countries. LASS has made us learn more about global issues and has made is realize that no matter where on Earth we are there will be the issue of Poverty, or lack of access to clean water. As we grow up we first identify the issue, then we evaluate, then we work towards solving the issues. For example, we are working on solving the issue of taking girls out of poverty by supporting the Because I am a Girl Foundation and raising money to send girls to school.
TEAM EFFORT- How has OUR learning in all subject areas made us think differently about the inquiry question that we have investigated?
Understanding the Math
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