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Summary of "Sorry, Wrong Number"

No description

mackenzie konold

on 19 December 2017

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Transcript of Summary of "Sorry, Wrong Number"

Summary by Mackenzie Konold
Sorry, Wrong Number
By Lucille Fletcher
The theme of the story is, mostly mystery. one example is when Mrs. Stevenson said, "I've been dialing Murray Hill-For the last three quarters of an hour and the line is always busy." This is saying that There has to be something going on because, the line wouldn't usually be busy for that long.
There are lots of settings in this drama:
Mrs. Stevenson's bedroom
operator's quarters
Murray Hill
Phone booth
Police station
The main setting is Mrs. Stevenson's bedroom.
Cast in order of apperance:
Mrs. Stevenson
1st operator
1st man
2nd man
chief operator
2nd operator
3rd operator
4th operator
5th operator
Hospital Reseptionist
Western Union
Sergeant Duffy
A Lunchroom-Counter Attendant
Rising action!
The rising action is when Mrs. Stevenson over hears a murder plan as she tries to make sure someone helps but, no one will. She is afraid a woman is going to be murdered but, can't get the police to help her.
Climax/falling action/resolution
The climax is when Mrs. Stevenson is killed. The falling action and resolution is simply when the man that killed her says, "Sorry, wrong number."
The End!
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