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The Hierarchy Of New France

The Hierarchy of New France

Edmond Vuong

on 20 April 2013

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Transcript of The Hierarchy Of New France

The Hierarchy Of New France Hierarchy:Any system of persons or things ranked one above another. What Were The Different Levels Of People In The Society Of New France? In the society of New France there were 10 main people in the society. The king was the most important man in New France and the citizens were least important. Even though the king viceroy and ministry didn't live in France they still made very important decision. They stayed in places which needed them more than places that needed them less. They only came back when there was a very important decision to make such as laws or buisness that concerned the French colony. France Had 2 Hierarchy Chains. According To Historians There Was A Civil Hierarchy And A Religious Hierarchy. The Difference Between Them? Civil Hierarchy: A political system designed to determine someones role in New France and how important they were. Religious Hierarchy: Determines the position of the members of the clergy. The Governor When it came to making laws or doing buisness, the governor was most important. The governor was a symbol of the king. The governor would hold lavish dances at his residence and invite other important people to attend. Every summer he and his family would travel across the French colony. The most remembered governor in France history is Louis de Buade. Louis de Buade Louis de Buade Governor Louis de Buade was the son of Henri de Buade who was a colonel in the regiment of Navarre. Not only was Louis de Buade a governor but he was also a soldier for France. In his first term as the governor of France he supported the growing of the fur trade. He established a number of forts along the great lakes and was part of the war between the Iroquois and the English. Intendent Below the Governor was the Intendent who did day to day of goverment work, being intendent meant that he was responsible for finance and justice and seeing that the rules and laws of the council were obeyed. It was the intendent who oversaw activity in the colony, the intendent made sure that the citizens paid their taxes and that the law breakers were punished. Jean Talon Jean Talon was the first intendent of of northern territories of France, New France, Acadia and Newfoundland. Jean Talon was appointed by king Louis XIV. Jean Talons Achievements. Carried out a survey to find what resources New France could supply besides fur.

Organized the building of sawmills, shipbuilding docks, the fishery, and brewery .
Increased New France’s trade with French colonies in Caribbean .
Increased immigration from France .
Responsible for setting up filles du roi program.

All developments increased New France’s wealth
Talon’s term as Intendant ended 1672
Returned to France, Louis XIV named him Count d’Orsainville
Hard times were ahead
Trade with Caribbean failed
Industries declined
Agriculture slowdown
Louis XIV involved in series of wars with England and Netherlands
Did not want to invest more money in New France
New France potential lost
king did not want to spend on development
for this reason it continued to be weak attack from its enemies particularly the English Jean Talon Religious Hierarchy Of New France By Edmond Vuong The Religious Organization In the religious hierarchy the pope was most important followed by the cardinals then archbishops then the bishops. Skipping to the bottom of the civil hierarchy are the citizens or settlers. These people are not the most important in the political hierarchy. The men had jobs which were working the fields for a very small amount of pay. They ether worked as that or they would be servants for the high ranked people. The Bishop The Bishop played an important role in New France. They were high ranking church officials after the pope. They were usually in charge of a district Francois de Laval He was the first bishop of France and had a very important accomplishment which was setting up a seminary of Quebec in 1663. The seminary is a place where they train men into priest hood. Francois de Laval Thanks For Watching
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