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The Bloody Angle at the Spotsylvania Courthouse Battlefield

A study of the collective memory of the events that took place at the Bloody Angle of the Spotsylvania Courthouse Battle on May 12, 1864.

Jessica Hedrick

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of The Bloody Angle at the Spotsylvania Courthouse Battlefield

The Bloody Angle of the Spotsylvania Court House Battle Battle of Spotsylvania Court House: May 8 - 21, 1864
The Bloody Angle: May 12, 1864 Fighting is remembered as particularly fierce through:
The incidental felling of the 22-inch oak
The rosette bullet
Representing a turning point in fighting styles
-acts as a mediating "textual resource" (Wertsch 2002: 5) “Instead of being grounded in direct, immediate experience of events, . . . collective memory . . . is ‘textually mediated.’ Specifically, it is based on ‘textual resources’ provided by others – narratives that stand in, or mediate, between the events and our understanding of them” (Wertsch 2002: 5). -Contradictory focuses of language
-Anecdotal stories from soldiers prescribed by narrative selected "Nothing but the piled up logs of breastworks separated the combatants. Our men would reach over the logs and fire into the faces of the enemy, would stab over with their bayonets; many were shot and stabbed through crevices and holes between the logs; men mounted the works and with muskets rapidly handed them kept up a continuous fire until they were shot down, when others would take their places." -General L.A. Grant, USA -attempts to "creat[e] and "reinforc[e]" patriotism" (Shackel 2001: 657) The Bloody Angle Walking Tour Map -purports to create a sense of "social unity" among soldiers, regardless of Army, and tourists regardless of time of visit (Shackel 2001: 659).
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