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Japanese Food

The most popular foods and drinks in Japan are Sushi Rolls, Sushi, Fish balls, dumplings, Sticky Rice, Tempura, Teriyaki, Bubble Tea, and Green Tea. Mostly in Japan, people eat seafood and rice and drink Green Tea every day, because that’s how their cul

Alexandra Whitman

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Japanese Food

Japanese Food And Culture The most popular foods in Japan
is Sushi, Tempura, Fishballs,Teriyaki, and Sticky rice. Mostly in Japan, people eat seafood
with sticky rice and Drink Green Tea
everyday. Japanese people eat seafood more than
meat, because usually they eat meat on special
ocassions and only when they have meat in storage Japan is sorrounded by ocean, that's why they don't
eat meat often as seafood. The most popular drink
in Japan is Green tea and Bubble tea In Japan it rains everyday and only once a week they get sunlight. Climate History About Food Sushi became a popular snack food,combining fish with the traditional staple food, rice. (1600-1867) in Japan It is really tough for mariners to catch seafood and other plants in the ocean Meat and fish was a significant substitude and as an island nation,
this source of food was abundant and
has influenced many of todays famous
food dishes Bubble tea Green Tea The Climate in Japan
Shrimp Tempura Sticky Rice Fish Balls California Rolls The 4 seasons of Japan Spring is Japan's best season.
The climate is warm but not hot,and it doesn't rain too much.Cherry Blossoms could be found all over Japan. Summer starts with
a very rainy season
in June and turns very
hot and hummid from July to August Fall climate is more
tolarable than summer.
Beautiful fall colors are seen
all around. Winter in Japan is a good time for
skiing or hot-spring hopping. However,
temperatures indoors are unpleasant due to
lack of central haeting.
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