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Translate Maxthon

No description

Sasha Nik

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Translate Maxthon

Translate Maxthon

Created by Sasha Nikolaeva
Maxthon Localization Team
1. It's easy. If you don't have an account yet, create one
2. Click Join button to request access to the translation project
3. You can now start translating. If you feel more comfortable translating offline, there is an option for you to download the language files to your computer.
4. ...when you are done, simply upload your translation back to Crowdin.
5. This is your workspace
Untranslated strings will appear in
This is context information that explains where a string will appear in the browser. You don't need to translate it.
6. If you need more context information, send us a request in the comment field on the right side of your work space.
When you ask for more information, mark "Create Issue" box to notify us about your request.
7. Save your time. Use translation memory.
Often you will see translation suggestions that have already been used in other Maxthon projects. However, if such suggestion is not available, Crowdin will search its Global Translation Memory.
Make sure that the translation from
the Global TM is correct before you use it.
8. Create a glossary
The glossary will allow you to pass the knowledge down the road and ensure the continuity of the term usage across all platforms.
9. Brevity is the soul of wit
10. Contact us with any questions or concerns
If you need to ask a question or you have a suggestion on how to improve the translation process, please visit our Localizer Area on the official Maxthon Forum:


Also feel free to contact us at translator

Your request will be approved within 24 hours and the approval notice will be sent to your email address.
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