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Hercules Presentation

Constellation Project

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Transcript of Hercules Presentation

Hercules Hercules was named after the
Roman hero, adapted from the
Greek hero Hercules. This
constellation was said to be 'the
kneeler' before being named
Hercules. So far, 11 stars have been
found to have extrasolar planets orbiting
them. Hercules can be best seen in
the summer; specifically July.
You can find this constellation
in the Northern Hemisphere. Hercules is shown wearing the skin of the Nemean Lion while
holding his characteristic club and Cerberus the three-headed dog.
He also rests his foot atop the head of Draco the dragon. When Hercules wrestled the Nemean Lion, he used one of the beast's teeth to remove the otherwise impenetrable hide. Hercules was also said to have stolen Cerberus the three-headed dog from the underworld. On top of all these tasks that are seen in the constellation, Hercules had to perform 12 tasks in total. This is because Juno-or Hera-looked to Hercules as a disgrace and succeeded in driving Hercules mad so that he killed his wife and children. To make up for his bad deed, he served King Eurystheus and performed his 12 tasks to which he is famous for. "The Kneeler" Ophiuchus Name Apparent/Absolute
magnitude Type of Star Distance by Lightyears Color Surface Temperature Alpha Herculis, Ras
Algethi Beta Herculis Delta Herculis Marfik 3.1 in Chart
3.9 scientifically 2.8 in both chart
and scientifically 3.14 in both chart
and scientifically 3.82 for real
Chart N/A M5 Giant G7 A3 G 110 95 166 Yellow-
White 9300K Green/ Lilac Yellow Red 7500K 4900K 2450K 380 Scorpio
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