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The Missouri Educator Profile (MEP)

No description

Dr. Goran

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of The Missouri Educator Profile (MEP)

What is the MEP?
DESE required assessment of work style preferences.
Intended use (by DESE):
to support the development of effective educator work habits.
may be used for continued professional development and growth during the internship process.
Our Plan for Intentional Use:
A Pilot Program & Research Study
Students take the MEP in ED388.
Results are:
shared with ED393 instructors.
used as part of a Signature Assignment in ED393.
Signature Assignment pilot begins Spring 2015.
First review of data by ED393 instructors to occur at the end of Spring 2015.
ED393 Signature Assignment
Using the same metrics as the MEP, mentor teachers and university supervisors provide feedback to students.
Students reflect on all three measures - MEP and both feedback measures (triangulation of data).
Students write a Professional Development Plan (PDP) similar to that required of a first-year teacher.
The PDPs will be shared with ED608 instructors.
Updated Feedback Forms (sample)
608 & Internship
Professional Development Plans (PDPs) are reviewed a part of ED608
Another signature assignment?

PDPs are shared with Internship Supervisors and Mentors

Continuity of dispositions work throughout the MAE program
Student level:
Using data to develop PDP
Carry-forward of dispositions work to impact learning and goals across MAE program

Program level:
Look at data from MEP and feedback - do they correlate?
Look at ED393 Signature Assignment - reliability across instructors
Look at Dispositions Assessments across the program - are they effective?
Do we need to adjust?
Overall Goal:
Develop an intentional plan for using a required assessment.
Pilot the use of the MEP to determine if it is a valuable tool.
Model data-based practices for our students.
The Missouri Educator Profile (MEP)
Our Road Map for Intentionality
Using the Data
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