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ITB Library study guide: time management

A study guide to help you to manage your time effectively

ITB Library

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of ITB Library study guide: time management

Better Time Management
Students tend to be very busy people

But organised students manage to juggle
all their commitments

Time management is a central part of
being organised
Managing your time will help you to:

.......... fit everything (important) in
.......... visualise what you need to do
.......... meet your deadlines
.......... review your progress
.......... stop putting things off
Think about:

Long-term goals
such as assignments and exam prep

Short-term goals
such as writing an opening
paragraph or gathering citations
Divide your long terms goals
into a set of short term goals
Use all the time you have
Plan for upsets
Other sources:

Study guides and strategies

Time management guide.com
For instance, your assignment could
be divided into goals such as:
Read on the bus

Spend an hour in the library
between lectures
Look Back
.......... reading & note-taking
.......... writing an outline
.......... writing draft paragraphs
.......... revising draft paragraphs
.......... writing the final draft
.......... writing the bibliography
.......... checking spelling, grammer, layout
.......... print/email/submit
Think about how long each goal will take
Start at the end and write the due date for each goal:

10 Oct ..... reading & note-taking
24 Oct ..... writing an outline
3 Nov ..... writing draft paragraphs
10 Nov ..... revising draft paragraphs
20 Nov ..... writing the final draft
1 Dec ..... writing your bibliography
8 Dec ..... checking spelling, grammer, layout
15 Dec ..... print/email/submit
17 Dec ..... assignment Due
Give yourself LOTS of time...
especially at the end

Remember, you may have several
assignments due at the same time

To achieve these goals on time,
you need to fit study slots into your day
Think about how you spend your time
Keep a diary for a week -
travel, classes, eating, socialising, studying, sport, sleep etc...
Think about your priorities

Consider rearranging activities
so you can fit in quality study time
College students spend at least 2 hours
studying for every lecture hour
Have achievable goals, such as:

10-24 Oct: Reading & Note Taking

10 Oct 4.00-5.00pm Search Science Direct & bookmark relevant articles
11 Oct 12.30-1.00pm Read and take notes on 3 Science Direct articles
13 Oct 10.00-10.30am Read and take notes on 3 Science Direct articles
14 Oct 1.00-2.00pm Read and take notes on 2 chapters of recommended text

Stop every now and then and think about your progress

Are you meeting your due dates?

If not, why not? What can you do differently
Printer jams 5 minutes before your
assignment is due?
Books on loan to someone else when
you need to write one last citation?
Food poisoning when you have to
proofread your assignment?
Schedule time for un-schedule-able events!
Manage your time by creating a schedule
ITB Library
ITB Library
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