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Flamin Hot Cheetos Diet

No description

Janna Kim

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of Flamin Hot Cheetos Diet

Flamin Hot Cheetos Diet
Health benefits
1) Only 160 calories in 21
2) 6% Thiamin
3) 4% Niacin
4) 2% Iron
5) 2g of protein in the 21 pieces
Health Benefits Continued
6) Less than 1g of sugar
7) 0% of cholestrol
Food Plan
Morning: Snack bag size: Jalepeño flavor
Lunch: Big bag: Regular Flamin
Snacks: Fantastix! (chili cheese or flamin hot)
Dinner: Family size: Xxtra flamin
Time Period and total costs
The diet lasts for 30 days
Snack size: $1.25
Regular size: $2.30
Family size: $3.20
Diet plan: $79.99
Xxtra Flamin
Cheddar Jalapeno
Flamin Hot
Flamin Limon
Fantastix! (chili cheese or flamin)
In the morning, eating the Jalpeño cheetos aren't as spicy as the Xxtra flamin. Though it's still spicy, which speeds up the metabolism.
Health Benefits
In 2003, researchers monitored calorie burning after participants each drank 2 cups of water. Which helped prove drinking one 8oz. glass of water burns 12 calories and boosts your metabolism.
The spice from the cheetos will help you drink more water a day and help burn over 100 calories a day and boosts your metabolism.
Drinking just 2 liters of water a day, you could burn at least 100 calories.
The Cheeto diet will keep your metabolism and organs moving fast all day, which helps you burn calories and lose weight fast.
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