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WWII Big Ideas & Essential Questions

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Courtney Dinsdale

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of WWII Big Ideas & Essential Questions

How influential was the US to determining the outcome of WWII?
The U.S. had a very large influence on WWII. The countries that Hitler and Japanese were attacking didn’t have strong enough militaries or strong enough economies to fight back. However, when the United States entered, it cost the Axis Powers dearly. They were now dealing with a strong military. As men went to war, women started working in factories, making guns and other weapons for war. When the Americans entered, it took great pressure off the Soviet Union. Although the United States didn’t necessarily determine the outcome of the war, they were a large help in shortening and making the war easier for Russia
Appeasement can only work for so long. If you allow someone to keep getting away with things, they are going to continue to get more and more greedy, making them more aggressive in order to get what they want. You can’t expect to let someone to do something over and over and then just make them stop with no different reason. They are going to continue to get what they want and in that aspect will most likely to become more aggressive when needed to achieve their goals.
The Allied victory in WWII led to the U.S. as a superpower.
There are multiple reasons for the United States becoming a superpower. The United States became a superpower as they were able to afford too. The United States was more financially stable than any other country after WWII. During the war, the United States were the only ones to make profit. They were able to build tanks, airplanes, and weapons and sell them to other countries. The United States was never attacked on it’s own soil, other than Hawaii. However, even in Hawaii, only base camps were destroyed, not cities. We had the population for a large, strong army. We were feared as we had the atomic bomb. We had men with weapons. We were a country that were the rescuers. We stepped in to feed West Berlin when they were in need. Because of the money, strong army, and stability, the United States was able to become a superpower.

WWII Big Ideas & Essential Questions
The failures of post WWI policies led to WWII
Does appeasement always (sometimes, never) make an aggressor more aggressive?
Post WWI policies failed in the fact that Russia and Germany were not even part of the peace talk. The agreement was not universal. With the falls of the economy and loss of land, Germany was determined to regain power. Because of leaving Germany out in the first place, other countries were lenient on what Germany did when they should not have been. There was also lack of commitment to the peace treaty. Britain backed out of harsh reparations for fear that Germany’s economy would suffer too greatly. By the lack of commitment and agreements with-in the treaty, it was sure to fail; and that it did. Because the people of Germany believed their government agreed to the harsh conditions of the Treaty, they started joining Communist and National Socialist parties. This allowed for Hitler and the nazis to grow stronger. He was then able to invade Poland and start WWII.
Although the United States emerged WWII a superpower, is it starting to fall? Countries overseas have growing economies and are throwing themselves out there. On the other hand, the United States superpower status is falling as we dig further and further into debt. The United States ability to have money and a strong economy gave it its status and other countries not having this didn’t allow them to have this status. People are worried that the United States is heading down the road that other countries faced; being in too much debt to obtain it’s superpower status.
Ex. Hitler started invading countries and the other countries of the Peace Treaty allowed this as they felt bad for screwing Germany over. Hitler took advantage of this and continued his quest for more and more land. Eventually this led to war as other countries realized that appeasement meant losing more and more land to Germany.
Ex. In 2001 a group of men in the Australia created a group that raped Australian Muslim women. They attacked people who tried to get in the way. People tried to use appeasement to keep the peace and get this group of thugs to stop, but they didn’t. Just as Hitler, they saw they could get away with it and continued their actions.

The US has a lot of power and we as the people take this for granted. If the US were to lose it's power our lives would change dramatically. Our country would most likely be taken over by a new kind of government; one that gives the people no say in their leaders. We wouldn't have the freedom that we fight for. Our country would no longer be empowered by the people. We wouldn't have the choice to make our lives completely ours. We may no longer be informed about what is happening within or outside our country. The American life would change dramatically if the US were to lose its superpower status.
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