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No Nonsense pfSense

A Ten Talk introducing pfSense basics from the Spring 2013 Church IT Roundable in Phoenix, AZ.

David Szpunar

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of No Nonsense pfSense

Open Source Firewall No Nonsense What Is pfSense? Configuration This Is The End Open Source
Based on FreeBSD
BSD license
Created in 2004
(from m0n0wall)
Actively Developed pfSense Embedded Hardware NetGate's m1n1wall Alix.2D3/2D13 Hardware Configuration and Restoration is Easy pfSense is powerful and flexible
but doesn't do everything (well) Configured From
Web Browser! 500MHz AMD Geode
4GB Compact Flash
3x 10/100 Ethernet
Serial Port
2x USB
miniPCI for:
wireless card
encryption speedup
Other models have fewer ports but cost less Low Power and Rarely Fails! It's all web-based XML Configuration Backups = Easy To Restore Plenty of Online Support Developers offer commercial support (We can help too) Real-time Redundant Sync/Failover is Possible Basic Configuration VPN Clients Apple iOS and Windows VPN client examples OpenVPN for iOS
(and Android)
now available Changes in Apple
policies resulted in
new iOS app in
mid-January. Windows OpenVPNManager Client
Login Screen Lots of hardware options Base is solid, some packages less so, all require hands-on to work (But it's free) (But you can pay for support) by David Szpunar
VP of Technology Services
PC Help Services
@dszp Thank You! So? What is it good for? Not Good For? Raw Packet Filtering Working with VLANs Several VPN Types Multiple Internet Connections Reliability Content Filtering Virus and Intrusion Scanning So basically, it's not UTM
(Unified Threat Management) Packages help a lot, but they aren't all stable or polished! Packages! What's the catch? But there are Packages you can add! Dashboard Firewall
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