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What's What at UofT

Navigating the University

Alex Heuton

on 1 October 2011

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Transcript of What's What at UofT

University of Toronto Hart House ULife Academic Units Theological Colleges Graduate Colleges Alumni Libraries Athletics Arts and Science Engineering Continuing Studies Graduate Studies Theology Music Egnineering Society - ENGSOC / SKULE Innis Library Pratt Robarts Music Library Governing Council UTSU APUS GSU Boards / Committees Board of Directors Clubs Commissions Hart House Athletic Centre Committees / Boards Theatre and Production Knox College Regis College Wycliffe College Massey College Arts and Science Council Boards and Committees ASSU Course Unions Clubs Innis New Vic Trin UC Woodsworth SMC Academic Departments Innis College Council Innis Residence ICSS UTM UTSC UTMSU / UTSU?? SCSU IRC Subcommittees College Affiars Board Executive Committee Student Affairs Board Academic Affairs Board Community Affairs Board RAAC Bursary Subcommittees / Special Projects Executive Clubs The Herald The Review CINSSU URSSU NCSU College Council UCLit College Council SMCSU Collegium WCSA College Council TCM Senate VUSAC Board of Regents Emmanuel College?? CFS Simcoe Hall Vice Provost Students Student Life Innis Office of Student Life Student Life Dons UofT Liberals BSA EFUT MSA UNICEF Senate Board of Trustees Directors Representatives
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